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Stretch Marks After Pregnancy

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  • Stretch Marks After Pregnancy

    I am wondering if anyone can help me. When I was pregnant with my twin boys I did not put weight on anywhere else except my breasts and belly. I also popped out really suddenly and as a result I ended up with really deep stretch marks. I have looked into cosmetic surgery on the net but I can only find American surgery not Australian. And yes, I did use all the creams and body rubs before, after and during pregnancy to no avail.

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    You're not alone there!!


    I know exactly where you are coming from. I have stretch marks from my *%&) past my belly button and the creams SUCK. Sounds like you and I and am sure plenty of others got ripped off and hate the people that don't get any (I don't really, just jealous). Now I have this "roof over the shed" and it AINT sexy. Just as well I can turn the lights off


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      I am in the same boat as you! I had a big baby...almost 11 pounds(4.9 kgs) and my stomach looks awful, jelly like and BAD strech marks, I spent a fortune on Bio Oil and Vitamin E Oil to no avail...what a waste of money. So I would love any sugestions too, it's just not fair that some people don't even get a single one!


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        My babies were both 5 pound 4 ounces each and 7 weeks early so I didn't have much of a chance. I hate the fact that I now have to wear one piece togs and I have resorted to buying corset looking bras to hide my belly!! My husband says not to worry about it, I've got two beautiful healthy babies, but it still really gets me down.


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          Give it time guys - all my strech marks have faded to nothing, or tiny whitish lines that are hardly noticeable. More time OK?


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            My stretch marks are 2 and a half years old and are still VERY i have fresh ones on top of them from my second little one!!! Whoever said that they are 'badges of honour' was mad!! I could happily do without them!