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  • much do/did you pay? much do/did you pay?

    I am interested in what people paid for what contraception...?

    I am considering what I am going to use.
    My Dr told me the depo shots cost around $12-$13 a pop,
    The implanon he told me costs $225,
    And on another thread I just read that the mirena IUD costs only $28?

    So what do you use and how much is/was it?


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    Come on girls!


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      Implanon will cost you $30, the rest is covered by Medicare. $225 is the full cost. I didn't have much success with Implanon (bad side effects) but it certainly was very cost effective.

      I'm currently on Yasmin, it's fantastic, and I pay approx $53 for a three month supply.


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        Thanks, I was planning on using the implanon but was discouraged by it's price... My Dr didn't tell me medicare covered most of it! hmmm...?


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          I paid $3.70 for my implanon because I had a health care card/pension card back then.

          I got it out not long ago because we decided to TTC.

          I was sort of wondering how much it would cost after I do have a bub coz the implanon was great for me


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            I used to pay $15 every three months for Depo, and after I went on the pill, it cost me about $20 every three months.


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              I was on yasmine at 50 dollars a pop/ i found I gained weight on it. So have switched to the most common cheapest pill there is. (that what I asked the doc for)

              Depo was pretty cheap, but I had bad side effects, long period times, heavy period times, then no period at all for months on end. In the end had to have acurette, Yuck, TMI? Sorry.. :-)

              I wouldnt mind reading up on IUD?


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                I got the implanon (sp?) put in yesterday at a women's health centre. I actually went to get the injection but was talked out of it and the mini pill is too hard to remember to take at the same time. They talked me into trying implanon I was charged $45 which included a local anestetic (sp?) and the consulation etc etc was bulk billed. The doctor who inserted it was my doctor throughout my pregnancy and said it is good to have it when you are breastfeeding and your periods haven't returned as less likely to have side effects with bleeding it is a much lower dose of hormone than the injection. At least it is reversable so if you have any problems it can be taken out unlike the injection.


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                  Before TTC DS I was on Diane/Brenda which cost about $40 for 3 months. I tried Implanon but found that after no period of 6 weeks, I then got a REALLY heavy one for 2 weeks. My skin also erupted (I had been on Diane to overcome acne as well as contraception) so I decided to just go back on the pill. Implanon only cost about $25 at the chemist, so I didn't realise that there was a large cost behind it that was covered by medicare.

                  Since DS was born, I've not worried about the pill as we are thinking of having another bub next year