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Antibiotics while BF

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  • Antibiotics while BF

    I have been taking antibiotics since Monday afternoon for tonsillitis. DS had still be feeding every 4 hours during the day and sleeping 7.5hrs at night but today he had a feed at 7:30am and still hasnt woken for his 11:30am feed.

    Could it be the antibiotics making him sleep or could he just be tired?

    I did let the doc know that i was BF when he put me on antibiotics?

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    my ds used to sleep longer sometimes and I would worry because he was due for a feed. It's not a problem. When I was on antibiotics for mastitis the only affect it had on him was runny poos. I was also told to get some can't think of the name, but it's like acidopholous and bifidus type thing. Good bacteria for the gut for both of you as the anti.. strips this.

    Hope this makes sense to you