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  • Teething baby

    So bubs is 9 months and her first molars have sprouted and they seem to be causing her some pain as she has been very whingy for a few days now. Touchwood her sleep hasn’t been effected too much but her appetite has decreased immensely.
    Has anyone else experienced this??

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    Originally posted by hopefull29
    [MENTION=142369]SammieP[/MENTION] maybe this is the reason for her milk decease!! Fingers crossed once they settle she goes back to normal!
    Anyway I’ve been using a teething gel from the Adelaide children’s hospital, it’s amazing! It numbs the area for 4-6 hours. Where do you live? You can get it made up at a compounding pharmacy. We have 8 teeth, used it for the last 6. Haven’t needed panadol or neurofen at all. We also have a teething necklace too.
    Her milk intake has slowly decreased over about 2 months I reckon. I actually live In Adelaide and have the gel already. With these 2 teeth she has 10 now! I have to check for her upper molars as I think they come first. I only checked her bottom ones yesterday. I didn’t even know she was teething until I felt around in her mouth and one molar has cut thru and the other just about to come thru now. She’s been so clingy and whingy tho which isn’t normally like her.
    Do you find the necklaces help? Is it the amber ones your talking about?