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3.5 year old teething!!??

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  • 3.5 year old teething!!??

    My 3.5 yr old non verbal ASD boy has been in a world of pain this past week. He's been off his food, crying, clingy and completely out of sorts (he's unable to communicate or show me what hurts) So we visited the doctor thinking he had an ear infection or virus which was not the case, ill also add he has had no high temps or fevers. The doctor checked his mouth and could see that my boy has not yet cut his 2 year molars on the bottom. So all up he has 10 teeth up top and 8 on the bottom! The doctor has put all his symptoms down to teething and said it is possible for those teeth to come in this late so has anyone else out there had there child's 2 year molars come in so late? All his symptoms, from experience point to teething and some of his teeth were late to come through also but can't seem to find any info online indicating that this can happen!