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Increased stools and teething

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  • Increased stools and teething

    Hi all,

    My daughter ha just cut her first tooth today. I can feel a sharp little tip poking out of her bottom gum.

    Unfortunately it has been accompanied by 6 poos today. 4 were only quite small but I'm concerned because she normally only does one per day. They also smell really bad.

    Is this normal and to be expected with teething or is there something more to it. I checked her temp tonight and it is normal. Thanks

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    Sounds really normal to me, my 3 all had frequent acidy poo's when teething, I had to use a barrier cream as it can really sting their bottoms.


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      Im pretty sure my 9 month old is teething and she did 4 big poos today - usually only one. Ive heard they can smell worse too x


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        An interesting read with regard to teething:

        In short, there's no evidence that teething is associated with any of the long list of symptoms etc. that people often attribute to it. The most likely explanation is that since both teething and illness are extremely common occurrences during roughly 6-24 months, people tend to associate symptoms of illnesses with the teething.

        Personally though if it's just one day I wouldn't be worried, as so many things can affect a baby's poo...illness, something they ate (food or otherwise) etc.


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          My DD2 had a terrible time with runny, acidic poo when she was teething. She used to end up with a blistered raw bottom. it was awful. As a pp suggested, maybe use some sort of barrier cream for a few days till you work out if the 2 are linked.


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            Thanks for your replies ladies. She managed to sleep from 7 to 5am with no problem but is up now and in half an hour has done 2 poos. I think it's going to be a long day. They aren't diarrhea at all just normal but high freq. hope she is ok


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              Hi [MENTION=69459]btmac[/MENTION] she is 6 months. On basic solids like carrot, sweet potato etc. and has been for a month. No problems until yesterday. She is formula fed. She is drinking her bottle as normal and showing no sign of sickness


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                Hello, I am new here, but wanted to share my own experience regarding the matter of teething and loose stools. We experienced the same confusion with my nephew when he was around 8 months old (he just had his first birthday last month ). He cut his first tooth around the last week of his seventh month. He ha been a bit cranky and moody for a couple of weeks before that and later we realized the reason for it. Anyway, after about two weeks, he started having loose stools 3-4 (sometimes 6) times a day and it naturally got my sister worried. But she found out that it often comes with teething.

                Later I did some internet research to find out the exact cause and I realized that not many sites are discussing this as a direct sign of teething, but associating it with the drooling that occurs when a baby cuts his first tooth. Here it says that too much saliva goes into the baby's stomach and works as a laxative, I guess to cause loose stools. I told my sister about and she asked her pediatrician, who said that it is indeed often believed to be the reason, but does not have strong medical evidence. But I think it does make sense. Sorry for such a long post, hope your daughter is fine now
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                  [MENTION=74658]bluemarlin[/MENTION]...thank you!! I've been going through this this week with my 9 month old 5-6 normal poos a day but small!! Normally we get 1 or maybe 2! One tooth has just come through and 2-3 more are about to pop through.


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                    Z has 7 teeth now! How fast did that happen. She cut a molar last week which wasn't much fun. I have noticed with each teething period that her stools get more frequent and not as well formed as normal. They also smell bad and have a sweet smell of you know what I mean. Hope this helps others.