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Eye teeth causing swelling?

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  • Eye teeth causing swelling?

    Hi Ladies.
    My 17 month old has never had too much trouble teething, but she is cutting her 2 top eye teeth (I think) and her gums are really red, she's restless at night and extremely whingey. This has been going on for a few days. This morning she woke up and it looks like her top lip is swollen and she keeps resting her tongue between her top and bottom teeth - the crankiness is driving me nuts. Just wondering if the swelling is because of her teeth, or if there's something else that could be wrong?

    I've given her panadol and some homeopathic teething drops, but neither seems to take away the pain or the grumpiness. Is there anything else i should try?

    Thanks for all your help - I just want my little girl back and pain free!

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    Oh man.. the eye teeth are the worst!! Have you tried nurofen? That is sometimes better than Panadol for reducing the swelling & the pain. Have you tried giving her a cold washer to chew on?

    I hope it ends soon. Hope fully only another day or so!!


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      I totally know what you are going thru!!! My advice is to remeber that it will not be forever, My little one is cutting his two top teeth ( no eye teeth yet and I'm not sure about the swelling) and last night afteer trying to get him to sleep for an hour and half I reembmered an old wives tale Id'e heard about rubbing brandy on thier gums, we only had scotch ( my sisters but thats another story) so I dipped my finger in and rubbed a bit on his gum. I'm not sure if it was that or the exhaustion that finally sent him off to a full night's la la land but it helped to be able to do something. I never thought I would give my baby alcohol but sometimes you just gotta do whatever works. Best of luck to both you and your little girl

      Oh yeah and cold watermelon yum!


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        Thanks ladies. I will grab some nurofen this arv - we are almost out of panadol anyways. And DD loves watermelon, so I'll pick some of that up too! She's having trouble eating because of all this, poor chicky. Watermelon should numb it enuf to get some more substantial food into her tum