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Does teething cause rashes??

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  • Does teething cause rashes??

    Hi everyone,

    Bubs is 7 months this week and I believe he may actually be teething. He has been overly irritable last day or two with runny poos and lots of dribble. Not to mention trying to put both fists in his mouth at the same time! However, he has also developed a very bad nappy rash which makes him scream with pain each time I have to wipe him clean when I change him. It's heart-wrenching to say the least! Mum has suggested putting corn flour on the rash to help dry it out. Have only done it today so not sure if it's working. But is this normal? I also noticed a light spotty rash up and down his legs this afternoon. Is this all related to teething??

    Thanx in advance for your insights...


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    Hi my DS always gets a fever and a nappy rash when he is just about to get a tooth, its very heartbreaking when they are screaming when changing there nappy, i have heard corn flour is great for nappy rashes.


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      Yes An2net it can cause a rash. I used to freak every tooth DD had because she would get a different symptom with each different tooth. Anything from rashes, fever, non stop crying to lack of eating etc. the list goes on. My SIL could tell me what symptom for each tooth to a t. Although the spotty legs might need to be checked by a gp. But yes definetely nappy rash. I still use curash every now and again as it works like a charm for nappy rash. It is sad to see them though when they are going through this and you do feel helpless.


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        It could be, but I'd probably go to the dr just to be sure. The fact that he has a rash on his legs would worry me enough to go to the dr. Teething can cause things like this, but there is also a nasty virus around that causes diarrea.

        Try zinc cream for the nappy rash, or any other really really thick one...there is one called B.O.Z. Ointment that worked wonders on DS when he had bad nappy rash due to diarrea.

        Hope your bub feels better soon


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          My DS suffers from eczema. The allergy doctor we go to said his ecema can flare up when he is teething. He is getting two teeth at the moment and has eczema on his legs and stomach and has bad nappy rash.