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Can teething cause baby to become clingy???

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  • Can teething cause baby to become clingy???

    My DD is 6 months old and her bottom two teeth are coming through (they have cut the gum), I am hoping they will be through by the end of the week as she has been really upset since last Wednesday. Just over the last week she has changed so much, she is really grizzly which I can understand, but she won't play by herself for a few minutes and just wants to be carried around.

    Is this just a stage with teething or is it maybe the age?

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    yep i have noticed that a teething bub is a lot more clingy than usual.


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      I would say yes...all children are different in the way they react to teething. DD may also be becoming a little shy and "fearful" if she cant see you she may think she is alone


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        hi there

        Well in my DD case yes is was stage of teething.. Her first teeth appeared without a drama, but when she got her second lot of teeth the contant grizzling and wanting to be held 24/7 was enough to drive me With my DD the teething has only got worse.. We are going through it again atm.. Hang in there, it's a great time to bond!! Lots of hugs and kisses never go astray


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          Yep DD gets like that, shes done it for the bottom and just recently the top. Luckily it passes once they cut through!


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            Yup, my DS teethes really badly and can become very clingy and cuddly. I can't wait till he gets all his teeth, my little man doesn't do to well

            I hope your DD gets hers out soon


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              Clingy, grumpy, grizzly, irritable and the list goes on with my DD (not to mention really really disgusting poos!). Just have 2yr old molars to come through and then that will be the end of teething for us!

              Poor mite suffers heaps with teething.