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  • First Tooth

    My niece Tahlia is six months old and just got her first tooth, I can't wait until it is Shelby's turn. My other niece Sophie is still not quite there yet.

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    It is an exciting time once they are through.

    My dd didn't get any till she was 1wk off 8mths, now one month later she just got her 5th. Her 6th isn't that far off either.

    Now I can't wait till she has finished as she is a cranky little monkey all day long.

    Although she does look cute when she grins.


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      My first ds was 4mths old.


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        My DD1 was 11 1/2 months beofre she got her first and 1 1/2 weeks later she got her 2nd.

        DD2 has 2 now and got them 1 week apart starting at 5 months.


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          My ds is 7mths next week and we're still waiting - the signs are all there and driving us crazy but I guess we'll keep waiting... LOL


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            I bought Tahlia a Pooh Bear with a teething ring attached for xmas and my brothers girlfriend is over the moon about it as it is her favourite toy


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              My DD is 5 months, teething like crazy but still no sign yet!!
              She's got the gummy dummy, toothy pegs (organic teething rusks) and a cool fish teether, plus we use bonjela and even panadol when it gets really bad, poor bub.
              She was drooling a lot during her 4th month, that has subsided, she's pulling her left ear all the time and occasionally gets flushed in her cheeks.
              I think we're getting very close to the first one come through, still waiting.


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                My other niece drools like an inmate at a sanitorium (sorry for the analogy) so she must be reeeeaaallly close