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    Hi all, I'm looking for some tips for my 4.5yo. When she was 3 they assessed her and said that she has sensory issues, had a strong need for control and anxiety (often resulting from lack of control).

    Anyway, she just started at a new kindy, I have stopped work and she has a new sibling.

    She has been having wee accidents in her undies at least once a day however she isn't telling anyone. This happens both at home and at kindy. I'm having to remind her to use the toilet. Her kindy teacher yesterday mentioned that she goes from zero to 100 very quickly when upset but that she is also able to calm quickly. She is also struggling to make friends which breaks my heart.

    She is also biting her nails. To the point where they are so short. One finger is now infected. She has also started talking about bad dreams. I'm unsure if she is having them or if other kindy friends have been talking about them.

    Anyway I'm open to tips and suggestions. I'm so very heartbroken for her.

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    It’s so hard to see your child struggle - have you considered taking her to a child psychologist? They should be able to provide some strategies to help ease her anxiety and learn more about what her triggers are.

    My DS is Autistic but not what I’d describe as a very anxious child, however he was very controlling when he was younger. He would need to know in advance about plans and the order in which we were going to do stuff (example, first library, then shops, then home). Also, if we wanted to transition from one activity to the next, we couldn’t instantly switch, we’d have to prepare him (one more turn, last turn, activity is finished).

    Might be worth checking in with a paediatrician as well to get their opinion on the best course of action.


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      Thanks lovely. It's so tough seeing her go through all this. That was exactly what my daughter was like. She's improved a bit on that aspect though. She does repeat things a million times but it is to get some reassurance. We aren't due to see the paed again til the end of the year (we are public and go to lady Cilento) so I'm not really sure how to go about getting in to see a psych there.