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I could've killed the not so little monkey.

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  • I could've killed the not so little monkey.

    Today was.. (r@p

    there i said it.

    DD has been a monster and by this afternoon her whinging seemed so normal i was able to ignore it (for a few minutes anyway)

    She's never been so naughter ever, but every minute of today she was finding a new way to drive me up the wall.

    I think (hope she is) growing her 2YO molars. Her sleeps are horrible and shes ended up in my bed the last 3 nights. She keeps telling me 'hurt hurt' but wont tell me where, and she having alot of trouble eatting (so much so that ive resorted to feeding her yogurt and custard all day) She keeps asking for "medicine" But im wondering wether she just likes the taste because it doesnt seem to be working.

    Anyway we can't see the doctor untill saturday morning and im sure by then she'll be 'all better' like always.

    This is just a vent i guess.

    Ive never felt this streched in all of my 20 months of parenting.

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    Sounds like a truly rough day. I had one yesterday with my not so adorable monkey's. I too felt like I was stretched to my absolute parenting capacity and ended up telling my 5yo DS that has was acting like a person I was finding it difficult to be around - I don't know if he understood but I didn't know how else to put it.

    GBH's to you, I hope that it is short lived and your happy little monkey is back in no time.


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      I hope tomorrow is a better day!


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        hugs. hope the molars come through soon for her and everyone is back to their happy, usual self. hugs


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          I hope tomorrow is much better!


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            I'm feeling mighty stretched too.

            DS(3) doesn't want to sleep. Doesn't want to read quietly, won't stay in mine or his bed. He wants someone to lie with him, so we do, and he pulls our hair (my head hair, hubby's chest hair). He just keeps coming out and screams blue murder if we close his door. He's going to wake up china.

            If you can, and if the weather is nice tomorrow, maybe take her to the park? When it was just DS and I and he was 'yucky' the park always made it better.


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              How did your day go today? Hope it was much better than yesterday for you.

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