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  • clingy 17month old

    I have the clingy-est 17 month old toddler in the world!! He is sitting on my lap as I type this. To cut a long story short, whenever I am around he must be on my lap/in my arms and half the time whinging as well. He is a perfect angel when my mum and dad look after him all day, but as soon as I enter the room he runs to me crying and wanting up. At home by ourselves I can't leave the room he is in without him running after me whinging. At daycare he screams the house down when I leave him but two minutes later is happy as larry, altho a bit clingy to his usual carer there. If we are playing with pencils/playdo, whatever he is happy, but I can't do any house work or go upstairs without him crying and whinging. This has only been the last couple months, but is getting progressively worse. I give him heaps of cuddles and kisses and plenty of encouragement for his self esteem. Does anyone have any idea, coz it is driving me nuts!!!! He has been walking since 11 months and has all but one molar through, so it can't be that.

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    My 19month old dd is doing the same, to a T. Exactly like that at daycare too. If I disappear she's happy with Dad or her carer but if I'm around it's got to be me. I've resorted sometimes to putting her in her backpack carrier (which normally we only use at the beach) so she can watch over my shoulder as I cook, do dishes etc. This morning I locked myself in the bathroom to have a moment to myself.

    I'm sorry I can't offer any suggestions to help. I'm hoping it's a phase they'll outgrow soon!