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  • Shy little Boy

    I am very concerned about how shy my 2.5 year old son is. He will not speak to or make eye contact with anyone other then family members. The staff at the daycare think there is somthing wrong with him because he doesn't speak but he speaks a lot at home with us.

    He does not interact with other children unless he knows them really well and then only on a one on one situation in a group he totally freezes up.

    Can anyone suggest ways that I can improve his social skills. Both my husband and I are fairly quite so I don't expect him to be very outgoing but I know how hard it can be when you're shy at school etc and I'd just like to help him come out of himself a bit.

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    Can you take him to playgroup or kindergym where you will be there too but he can interact with other kids & adults? My 3 y.o is a bit like your little one, but we just get out there and eventually he gets used to what is happening. It helps to have me around (not in his face, but somewhere nearby) as an escape route if I am needed. It is only really the last few months that he is happy to play outside at playgroup while I am inside with my little one.

    Good luck.


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      As a childcare worker I would be concerned about him not talking at 2 1/2 years old but I would take into consideration, the amount of days he's at daycare, the family situation etc.

      As you have stated that he is talkative at home with you guys and both you and your husband are quiet people then I would say it was more in his nature than him having anything wrong, not all children are loud and boisterous and play with everyone.

      We have several children like your son at our daycare and we encourage them to speak and interact but it is not forced and they are slowly coming out of their shells, they need to do it when they are ready.

      As willsmum said it is also good to be somewhere where they can play with others but know that you are close by - just in case

      Good luck!