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6 month old not rolling

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  • 6 month old not rolling

    I'm wondering how old everyones bubs were when they were rolling?
    My 6 month old daughter has only rolled a few times, and I think they were just a fluke when she was off balance. She is sitting up for a few minutes on her own and loves to stand up and hold onto the lounge to look around (not pulling herself up, but stands when we put her there).
    We recently had her 6 month check with the community nurse and she told me its not normal and wants me to see a physio for my daughter. Should I be concerned?


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    6 month old not rolling

    12 weeks back to front
    15 weeks front to back

    Not sure if they are “normal” times though as I don’t remember.

    By all means I’d see the physio, but if she’s starting to sit/stand up holding on to things etc then I would think that there’s nothing too serious that is an issue. I know my aunt said my oldest cousin rolled once each way as if to tick that off the list of things he was supposed to do and then never did it again. He’s now a strapping (almost) 17yo and is great at sports. 🤷‍♀️
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      My girls were "late" with rolling. My eldest had low muscle tone. No harm in seeing a physio.


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        Dd was late rolling back to front and front to back. She was sitting up quite early, clapping hands really early. Started crawling only 1 month ago. She’s now off and you can’t catch her. Pulling herself up to her feet and trying to take steps [emoji24]


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          Ds only rolled once or twice in his first year. He sat up early but everything else was on the slow side (crawling, walking). The mchn put it down to him being a very chubby baby and being more interested in watching And communicating with people. Even now he's a pretty passive/mellow kid who doesn't like to take risks. He likes to be 100% certain he can do something before he tries it. So it can be normal but if you're worried it can't hurt to go to a physio.


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            My DD didn’t roll properly until well after she could walk. I remember the day she realised she could roll - she was so proud of herself and spent nearly the entire day rolling around on the living room floor [emoji38]

            She was ‘behind’ on all of her gross motor skills, but was really good at fine motor things. Now she’s just over 2 and can run, jump, stand on one leg, catch, throw and kick a ball, independently climb ladders and stairs, and ride around on her trike. I wouldn’t be super worried, but there’s also no harm in seeing the physio to put your mind at rest.