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5.5 month old not rolling

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  • 5.5 month old not rolling

    Toby is 5.5 months. When he was little (8-12 weeks) he rolled front to back all the time. Then he stopped. He's now 5.5 months old and has rolled back to front exactly once and never since. Should I be worried?

    He can sit unassisted for up to one minute and he's always had excellent fine motor skills (will take dummy out of my mouth and put in his, great hand eye coordination when eating etc) but all his friends are rolling everywhere so I'm concerned as to why he isn't.

    He has plenty of floor time (back and tummy) and is very strong when 'standing' (obviously while I hold his hands) and puts feet forward like he's trying to walk.

    I just don't know if he's decided he's too good for it, or he's done it once and doesn't want to do it again or what!

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    If I were you I wouldn't worry too much. My DD is nearly 6 months and rolls both ways, but doesn't seem to do it as often as I've seen other babies her age do it.

    Since he has done it before and you know he 'can', I don't think it's a developmental thing. One of my friends has told me that none of her babies (she has 3) ever rolled, they moved straight onto crawling without bothering to roll.



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      A gentle way to encourage baby to roll is to tickle their tummy when they are laying down on their back. When you tickle their tummy the legs will go in the air and will fall to one side which is the beginning of a roll. (Advice given from a specialist physio when my DS was an infant.)


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        My ds never rolled. Ever.

        He did everything else on time and is now 4 and a half and is perfectly on track (and even a little ahead) in all his other developmental milestones.

        He did have pretty severe allergies and reflux as a baby though and the doctors theory is it must of hurt him to be on his tummy so he just never did it. We also never pushed tummy time because he would scream and vomit everywhere every time he was put on his stomach.

        See a dr for piece of mind but if he's on track with everything else don't worry too much.


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          My dd rolled only a few times then stopped. The child health nurse explained that once babies master a skill they sometimes stop doing it, particularly if they are developing skills in other areas. The fact that you say he is reaching other motor milestones is a good sign too. Mummy's instinct knows best though so get him checked out if you're worried. He would be having his 6 month development check soon so maybe raise it then.


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            DD only rolled a handful of times when she was 3 or so months and then never again until she started crawling at ten months! She's totally on track.


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              My DD2 didn't roll until she was 11 months. She had reflux and would scream whenever we put her on her tummy. At 11 months she rolled, then within 2 weeks she was crawling, pulling herself to standing and cruising furniture. She walked at 14 months.
              Personally I wouldn't be concerned at 6.5 months, but if it worries you mention it at your next check up n


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                Thanks everyone. I feel a lot better. I'll mention it at his 6 month check up but I think he's fine


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                  DD didn't start rolling till 6mths (could sit unassisted though). But once she started moving she didn't stop haha!

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