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Clingy and no going out of sight phase

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  • Clingy and no going out of sight phase

    Hi everyone!

    The past few days, Tayla has been very weird - well, the past few weeks since she hit 6 months and started solids her 12 hour uninterrupted sleep period went out the window and still hasn't settled back down to me was weird but the past few days, she has not slept and is happy enough but she needs to see me or someone else in her field of view or else she grizzles and desperately looks around to see where we are and she also just seems to want to be held!

    I have heard of clingy phases - has anyone else gone through or experiencing this at around the 6/7 month mark??

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    Hi Taylasmum
    We are going thru pretty much the same thing,so I can sympathise with you!
    DD is almost 7 months old,and also has to see one of us in the room with her,otherwise she shrieks or cries till you come back again lol!. Though I've noticed it's worse if she's tired.
    The sleeping side of things if different,since she started solids,DD has been pretty much sleeping right thru the night,occasionally waking up around 4am for a feed,before she started solids she always woke around 2am.
    I guess it's just a phase? ( I hope,going to the toilet is a nightmare!),though it is rather endearing to think that bub needs to see you all the time because she loves being with you!


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      hi guys,

      i'm a bit of a newbie here... i have a 4 and a half yr old, and am currently about 10 weeks pregnant with number 2. I don't claim at all to be any kind of expert on child development! But thought I'd pass on this bit of advice. First - don't stress. It's proof that you're a good mum to have a baby who adores you so intensely!! And secondly, it is just a phase. I know that doesn't help! But it really will pass. It's all got to do with their brain development. They are exercising their intelligence!!
      By 6 months, babies have learnt to recognise you as their mother - their food-provider, their comfort-giver, their number one person! The problem is, they don't quite understand that if they can't see something, it's still there. If you get me... that sounded a little convaluted....!! When they can't see you, they think you've disappeared and gone forever!! Try this game, to prove what I'm saying: show them a toy, something they like. Then hide it under a box or blanket. Usually, they don't quite understand that it's just hidden - they think it's gone, and will cry for it or just move on to something else. The older they get, the more developed their cognitive skills become, the more they will understand that the toy is merely under the blanket, not disappeared. Of course, all babies are different and your babies might be cluey enough already to know where the toy is!

      Anyway, just remember that this is quite normal behaviour. ABSOLUTELY normal behaviour. Babies learn to become attached to people who are very nice to them. So reward yourself for being such great mummies!!

      RE: the sleeping/waking/solids stuff. Mine started waking up after she started eating solids too, but usually the dummy (cursed thing!!! i swore i would never use one but, well, parenting is like that!!) or a bit of a pat would settle her. Again, it's quite normal, and just a phase. I know it feels like it is going on forever, but BELIEVE ME before you know it, they'll be almost ready to start school and you'll be crying yourself, wishing they were little iddy biddy tiny bubbies again. 'Scuse me.... I need to go look at my sleeping child and cry now...... (cursed pregnancy hormones!!!!)


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        oh my god.. i know exactly what u r talking bout.. my son is 7 months and for a few weeks has been so clingy as soon as he hits the ground he screams... i have to carry him everywhere,... i have to be in his sight ... im hoping it wont last too much longer!! he is also teething so i am being sympathetic!


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          Im going through the exact same thing at the moment with my DS! Everytime i leave him for a second he starts. I cant even have a shower without taking him into the bathroom with me! I think its just a phase that they go through. They are so used to having all the attention when they are little and when they get bigger we leave them a little bit more. Also they can start to figure out alot more too. Like if i cry enough mummy will get angry and pick me up, that type of thing. Unfortunately its part of their learning patterns!



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            Yep.. I've heard they go through periods of separation anxiety at various stages of development.

            All very normal apparently.