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4 month old not rolling and dislikes tummy time, and not strong on her legs..

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  • 4 month old not rolling and dislikes tummy time, and not strong on her legs..

    Hiya I am a little concerned about my baby girl not rolling or holding herself up while being on her tummy. She is 18 weeks.I know all babies are different but I still worry..being my first baby and all. She doesnt like tummy time very much and gets super fustrated, she can hold her head up a little but not for long. When she gets really cranky she rocks a bit too. Im guessing she gets about 20minutes a day of tummy time. Trinity loves being on her back kicking heaps but when I stand her up she isnt interested in using her legs(she uses them when shes in a stroppy mood tho)She is doing other things like grabbing toys/rattles, loves to try and sit up alot and is extremely vocal. Maybe I have a slow starter??

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    Sounds perfectly normal to me. She really shouldn't be taking too much weight on her legs at that age anyway.

    And while tummy time is important, 20 mins a day is way more than any of my babies got. Both of the girls had reflux which meant they couldn't be on their tummy, DS just hated it until he could roll over by himself.

    Take a deep breath, and relax. 4 months is still practically a newborn they're not "supposed" to be doing much yet.


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      My DD is almost 9 months and only just started rolling the other day. She always hated tummy time. The same day that she started rolling, she started holding her weight on her legs and supporting herself on all 4's.

      Dont get concerned unless she isn't walking at 18 months.

      My DS rolled at 6 months, never crawled and then walked at 16 months! All children are differant.


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        Don't stress! My DD1 rolled over at 11 weeks and she HATED tummy time, I'd hardly given her any and one of the first few times I did she rolled!

        My DD2 is almost 16 weeks and she's not rolling at all, she holds her head up and likes being in the jolly jumper but that's about it.

        Your babe will do it in her own time, so try to relax!