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AlphaTykes???? And what activities do you do with your 3 year old??

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  • AlphaTykes???? And what activities do you do with your 3 year old??

    Does anybody go to AlphaTykes???
    What is it like??
    (I was thinking of looking at the Spanish class for my DD)

    My nealy 3 year old is quiet a handful at the best of times.....OK a bit of a brag here

    Our Dr told us the other day that she is a very, very smart little girl and the reason for her misbehaving is she has no other way to channel her energies. (we always thought this but because she was our DD we thought we were being biast )

    I was thinking of starting her in Dance next year as she will have turned 3 and she loves dancing, acting and singing (she makes us act out scenes from movies she loves )

    But was wondering if another language would be the way to go aswell, she loves speaking Spanish with Dora and picks up the words quickly.

    What else could I do to help her be all she can be without feeling pushy???

    TIA lovely Bubhubbians!!

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      I guess only you know what your DD would be interested in, so I just thought I would let you know what I do with my DS3 who is 3 and a half years old. We go to play group on Thursdays, which he just loves, and he has a little friend from playgroup over to play about once a week, and other than that, we might bake a cake, do the shopping, pull some weeds out, plant some seedlings, etc,etc. I do not know what is right for your child, but I personally think, 3 is a very young age to push into a lot of 'structured' activities. They have amazing little brains, that learn so much just by doing everyday things with mum. That is JMO, sorry if I havn't helped, hope you find something that works for her....and yeah..enjoy your beautiful DD while she is so young...she sure is cute