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How big was your baby?

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  • How big was your baby?

    Hey all

    Just want to start something fun, and thought it would be fun to compare our babies sizes when they were born, and see who had the biggest or smallest...

    I'll start.....

    My baby boy Joshua was 9lb 1oz... OUCH!!!

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    Eloise was 8lb 2oz (or 3.69kg) and she was 51cm long.

    Glad I didn't have a 9 pounder - we were sure we were going to though - I was 9 and a half and my partner was 10 something!!

    Also - she was 3 days overcooked...
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      Jakob 38 1/2 weeks
      8lb 1 oz or 3655gms
      50.5cm long

      Similar to Eloise


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        Lachlan 9 days early
        2.820 kg
        45.5 cm long


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          Gee, Joshua's the biggest one yet!! Not fair ladies!!

          Keep 'em coming...


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            re:Harry's size

            HI everyone,
            Harry was 4 day s early and weighed in at 6lbs 6oz or 2.9kgs and 54cms long. Sorry Tracy Joshua's still the biggest.


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              Georgia's turn

              Georgia Rose was 4 days overdue and weighed 6lb 14 oz (3kg 120gms), although she didn't feel that small in my belly. Joshua still holds the record!


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                Hi Milkshake, My 3rd baby was 9lb 1oz, too! I've equalled the record. Baby no 1 was 8lb 4oz, baby no 2 was 8lb 12 oz, baby no 3 was 9lb 1oz and baby no 4 was 8 lb 4 oz. So it isn't entirely true that they get bigger each time - only til number four! My number 3 was 10 days overdue, so maybe I don't officially qualify. Number 4 was also 10 days over, and was still smaller. Who's next?


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                  baby sizes

                  Lachlan was 6 days late (the longest 6 days of my life) and weighed 6 pounds 15 1/2 oz. (just under 7 pounds) - or 3155 gms. He was 50cm long.

                  I was told he'd be at least 8 pounds (and me and hubby bigger babies) but he stopped growing towards the end (the cord was flat when he was born).

                  I have a friend whose boy was 10 pounds 3 born!


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                    Grace was 6lb 9oz (3055g)

                    Friends was 10lb 11oz (C/S...she was glad she didn't have to push that one! )


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                      Sharni was 8lb 4oz 2 1/2 weeks late. induced 3 times in labour for 2 1/2days pushed for 2 hours still didnt want to come heartbeat staredt to drop so had to have a c/s. Had every drug that was there lol. But I would do it all over again.


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                        my turn

                        my 1st one was 6lb 2oz and 53cm long was 8 days over cooked
                        2nd was 7lb 2oz and 53 cm long was on his due date
                        3rd one is still cooking only got 9 days till im due so will let you know how big this one is i hope not to big lol


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                          good luck

                          hey omy,

                          good luck on the birth of your next baby, i'll be thinking of you!! My eyes are watering just thinking about it!!

                          Lets see if you break the record!! hehe
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                            lucky duck!!


                            I just realised you so far hold the record for having the smallest baby! I envy you!!


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                              My little baby

                              My little boy was only 6 lbs (2737 g) and 51 cm long - full term! At 15 weeks he's a big 11 lbs!!

                              Trina - mum to Adam (first baby)
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