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Toddler completely better yet childcare delaying his return.

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  • Toddler completely better yet childcare delaying his return.

    toddler is completely better, completely eating large amounts of all types of food , put on weight, energetic, and not sick at all. not vomitting at all.
    Peditrician has written this that he is completely better and to just keep him dairy free.
    parent has written to keep him dairy wheat gluten free as per allergy tests done last year.

    the childcare are demanding that we cannot send him to creche without a dr answering many questions from several days ago , that are now several days later totally not relevent anymore as the toddler has compltely stopped vomitting and is eating large amounts and is compltely better after having various treatments.

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    find a new childcare


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      It sounds like the daycare have some serious concerns. Have you spoken to them about exactly what their concerns are?
      Is this your child are someone else’s?
      There is obviously some reason the daycare is so concerned about the child’s health or possible infection to other children.
      What type of questions do they want answered?


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        the week before last he vomitted occassionally once every few days. . it wasnt a virus. he has had various treatment last week and he is completely well, eating alot, energetic, totally different. so anything from that time is irrelevent. The pediatrician wrote a note based on now not based on answering questions from several days ago which are irrelevent to his care now.


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          I dont know about your childcare, but I had a lot of issues with mine (quite a few years ago now though) where they would make me come collect my child, say they were sick and had a temperature, I'd get there, the child would be fine (but have a jumper on on a hot day) and then not let me bring her back without a medical certificate... the reason I discovered later was they'd BOOKED another child into her session2 ( childcare centre had 8-1230 and 100-530 sessions). Turned out, of course, because you still have to "pay", they were cashing in twice, because I had to pay my fees regardless of her not being there, and they could also book her session casually.
          "This too, shall pass."


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            ive said fibd a new childcare because you've posted of numerous issues with them.
            if it was me with the same issues over the 2 children you've posted about then I'd find a new centre.
            i wouldnt stand for that level of care and i believe theres better care out there


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              i hear you.
              yes there are issues and headaches but they also have very caring staff that last year went beyond the call of duty. i still feel their staff are very caring even if there is alot of issues.


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                It is their call. If they feel they cannot give your child adequate care without having certain things answered from your doctor that's their call.

                If you don't like it, speak to the department and have them oversee it or pull your child out.


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                  Issues between your family and centre seem to be ongoing...

                  I think there's been a possible breakdown in communication, and a large misunderstanding of what is and isn't part of each person's role for the children.

                  It seems to me like you're both just not on the same page.

                  Childcare centres are regulated, with policies and procedures that they must have and abide by, by law. They have a duty of care to all children, staff and families. They must meet certain conditions, document things etc...maybe ask to see their illness policy if you think they are being unfair?

                  I get you say your child is well now, and has had treatment - what treatment?? You said previously it was a food sensitivity thing? Or allergy? I'm confused... what treatment would happen ? Other than avoid the trigger food, and possibly antihistamines for mild reactions?

                  but the centre are just looking or for the other children in their care AND your child. There's clearly concern on their end to be requesting information from the pediatrician. It's coming from a caring place, I can assure you that childcare workers don't have time to send parents on wild goose chases for fun.

                  As mentioned previously, have you/the dr filled out the required forms for allergies/ anaphylaxis? So the staff know exactly what they're dealing with, and how to respond should exposure occur? It would be a safety risk to suggest your child requires such a restrictive diet but not provide them with the information they need to effectively respond or meet their needs.

                  Maybe you need to have a talk to the coordinator / director/ team leader, - whoever is in charge and runs the centre - and bring up your concerns with them.... your issues with the staff appear to be ongoing. Like, there's always something where they aren't meeting your expectations. Either it's a horrible centre? Or maybe your expectations of them are unrealistic? Or they haven't fully explained things to you, so you're unclear? Either way, hopefully a chat should clear things up.
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                    If the childcare need answers... then get them? Surely all you need is to take the questions that they have to the doctor and get the doctor to respond to them? Sounds like they are trying to do the right thing by your child by making sure they can care for him properly before taking him back into their care.
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                      thank you for all ayour helpful replies and shadowangel for taking the time for your reply. its much appreciated and very supportive at this time.
                      we were told yesterday the coordinator would call us so that any letters etc could be prepared so that there were no hitches with the child being in care today
                      the coordinator did not call
                      apparently the coordinator is too busy as she works at various schools and isnt just the coordinator of this childcare centre
                      first thing in the morning the coordinator wasnt there. no papers were prepared despite them knowing to assure over the weekend that we had all info so the child would be in care.
                      even when the coordinator arrived they didnt get back to me they didnt seem to know which forms they wanted and they seemed to be busy and making it up as they went along.
                      finally i told all of this to the pediatrician and asked him to hassle them as they seemed to have no intention of getting their act together with whatever papers they wanted to allow a completely wel baby back into creche.
                      the baby was put into hospital for observation over the last days and was fed b y nose to be fully hydrated, to regain weight , and to get better and he is no longer vomiting. another dr also gave a parasite treatment and he was energetic and not vomitting and eating alot since having the parasite treatment. we had been overseas recently. though no parasite or other info showed up with first dr.
                      the pediatrician will write no dairy but because they are terrorising us so much we dont dare ask them to please continue the no wheat no gluten as per the diet of last year as we just need the child back in care.
                      they changed coordinator and the new coordinator is very difficult, the last one was much warmer nicer, saner, helpful and available.


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                        So the child has been back in hospital in the last few days? Still unwell, no diagnosis?

                        I don't think you can expect the director of the child care centre to call you on a weekend? Yesterday being Sunday??

                        I think it also needs to be said that this is a child care centre, not a hospital or medical clinic that looks after unwell children. The centre also needs to look after the other how ever many children are in the room.

                        I would get the paperwork signed by the doctor/pediatrician and return it to the centre. They need to know what they are dealing with and how best to look after your child. If they are not content with the answers they are getting from you, then they need these answers from the treating medical team.

                        If you are unhappy, maybe have a look at other centres in your area where you may have a better time communicating with the staff about your child.
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                          Are you still being forced to PAY while they delay and stuff around??
                          "This too, shall pass."


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                            Why do you refer to your son as "the child" ?

                            The daycare is doing the right thing by excluding him. Last week you were adamant that he was fine and just had food aversions, but now he's been in hospital on a feeding tube and needing parasitic treatment. When you say parasite, my mind jumps straight to Giardia, which causes vomiting and is highly contagious. Could also mean worms, which usually doesn't cause vomiting and is very common, but is also contagious.

                            Considering you tried to send him to daycare sick, saying he was fine, I think they are doing the right thing by insisting that he stay home for a little while longer. Let him get better.... it's not fair on him, or the staff, or the other kids.
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                              Originally posted by angela22 View Post
                              the pediatrician will write no dairy but because they are terrorising us so much we dont dare ask them to please continue the no wheat no gluten as per the diet of last year as we just need the child back in care.

                              Is no gluten on medical advice? If yes, don't risk your child's health. If the current centre can't cater for the child, find a centre that can.

                              Is the child your son?