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Creche unhelpful what would u say to them

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    as pointed out above, it’s not their responsibility to address delays. that’s on you, as the parent. they can and should support the child but it’s not their job to ensure they’re developing at a normal pace. also they’re not trained for that. if you have concerns, a paed would be better placed than a daycare educator to address your concerns.


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      I’m not sure that that’s true that childcare don’t help with important things of delays and development simple things that should be happening in a babies room . I’ve been told otherwise . A few Simple things that the teachers could be aware to do when possible surely is reasonable . Crèches put enormous amounts of work for delays in children , fir autism blindness allergies .
      Ive seen a pattern with them as I mentioned how meg they were re doing anything to toilet Train even when twins were doing well with toiketing at home and showed readiness signs for several months and were their 50 hours a week . When I posted many spoke of how proactive their crèches were re toilet training .
      The baby had huge congestion issues struggling to breathe which was a huge concern to us . The Creche didn’t care re congestion they told us outright and they never followed requests to not give him certain foods that brought on the congestion and allergic reaction .
      They told us to go to a nutritionist so we did plus the nutritionist tested for allergies . We gave in writing what nutritionist said . Months later they still didn’t care or follow any of this
      then they met with us and just made the baby gluten free which was not at all the instructions of the nutritionist . They showed no interest in what the nutritionist said . The worry and frustration we had over the babies congestion and breathing and their lack of care or following of the allergy requirements was frustrating
      so I guess there’s a pattern here or not enough care or support for things that the child care laws and many childcare centres would be caring about and supporting .

      the toileting was raised as another example where we came up against a not interested negative attitude to doing anything to support toletting children aged almost 3 who had shown all signs and been going to the toilet at home . for most of the year .

      For me their non interest has taken away from the focus of supporting the child and created an extra issue of the pattern we see of lack of interest collaboration in a few significant things that they should have been supporting this last year .
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        I don’t know who is considered management
        a manager left
        a New one who is not as caring or helpful is away
        a rekatuve if the owners responded
        no I don’t think he has any childcare education he is simply a relative of the owners .
        The owner Just has a baby recently

        thr older siblings were ready for almost a yr but our experience was negative at Creche at first
        first they kept telling us in angry ways that they have policies . They said this as if it’s an evil thing to ask them to help with the toilet training during the 5 long days the kids are there .
        Then they handed us their policies which were pretty sloppy useless policies talking mostly about how staff double bag any spiked clothes .
        Then they finally days later have us the first bit of useful info which was that they wanted kids to have gone to toilet a few times at home b4 they support with toileting which had already been happening . The policies also had mentioned toileting readiness signs with siblings had shown for several months clearly
        it was only when we were advised by many professionals to b firm that this is happening that we are toilet training the girls they then were supportive and came on board .
        They also tried to say that the children aren’t ready when they d showed all signs of readiness for most of a year and only after other professionals spoke to them re how can we best encourage this did they finally start to b supportive in the 50 hours a week there .

        thank you shadow angel . We did ask mhn but I don’t think she has done it yet . Good suggestions thank you .thats very helpful practical suggestions that I really appreciate thank you .

        i had heard others say a lot of negativity re helpfulness at this Creche . It pained me as I felt a lot of loyalty for this Creche . But now I’m seeing why others felt the unhelpfulnesd of the Creche as in quite a few significant things they really were disappointing and frustrating and non collaborative even when info was from professionals in writing for such important things as
        breathing and congestion
        development delays .
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          well find a new centre then 🤷🏼‍♀️ i’m still not sure what you’re really asking. you’ve been given quite a few lengthy replies already, all containing very sound suggestions. if you don’t believe any of those are suitable, that’s you’re prerogative, but there’s not much else to be said on the matter then. you keep repeating the same points over and over. i’m just not sure there’s anything else anyone can tell you? if you believe management aren’t qualified and won’t listen to you, then the safest thing to do would be to find another centre.


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            Agree with [MENTION=137853]turquoisecoast[/MENTION] given that you’re unhappy that they’re not following specific instructions (tbh the nutrition situation sounds far worse to me than toilet training given the potential health implications) and you can’t physically “make” them do what you want, then it would appear your best option is to change centres.
            Visit some and chat to the Directors at each about your bub and your concerns, see what they say they’re prepared to do. Choose the one that you feel most comfortable with because it’s clearly not this one.

            There are a variety of ways you can communicate with your current centre that have been mentioned before:
            Report from child health nurse
            Clearly articulated email / letter outlining concerns and recommended actions.

            But you can’t make them do what you want.

            If you’ve tried several times to communicate concerns and they’re not responding satisfactorily in your opinion then you need to change centres.


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              Agree with tc, shadow and mod like a boss

              If your not happy with the way daycare is education your children all while caring for others at the same then change centres or cut back on the amount of hours your work so that they aren’t in car for so long every week, this was you can toilet train and educate them the way you want them to do.

              It’s not up to daycare staff that get paid something like $19 an hr depending on qualifications to be with yours kids all day to make them into little Einstein’s. It’s up to us the parents first and foremost


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                find a new centre.
                with the new info you've given on them not accounting for food intolerances thats not gopd