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Maternal health nurse said he shows some small delays . not crawling properly

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  • Maternal health nurse said he shows some small delays . not crawling properly

    is there anything we can do to help mr 12 month old comando crawler to crawl properly

    Maternal health nurse said he shows some small delays eg not pointing enough, not rocking on all fours much etc
    . This stressed us re 12 months old. we didnt have the list of what was going to be asked assessed and since he is at childcare during the week long days and other kids are home on weekends making it busy demanding we didnt know when asked if he does some of the things.
    He was also half asleep as he usually sleeps after 2 or so hours and mhn arrived after 3 hours of awake time and stayed testing for 2 or so hours so he was really tired.
    Tody we saw taht in fact he does do most of the things and i wasnt worried but other family members were worried feeling he could be God forbid seriously delayed for life. I've had enough experience to know he'll catch up fast if he couldnt already actually do most of the things and that he is fine, but it did realy distress and worryother family members. has it happened to you. others have told me it happened to them that their perfectly normal child was labled as having delys as b abies.
    we were told a pediatrician could test him also and that a physio might help re crawling and movement he is very flexible like a dancer doing the splits and pulling his legs up to his head constantly.
    i guess i can ask for the assessment list and practice seeing if he does those things or whatever would help he do those things

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    The mchn stayed testing the baby for 2hours🤷‍♀️ really?
    Every appointment i ever took my children to with the mchn were under 30min if even that.


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      A 2 hour plus maternal child health nurse visit? What state are you in? I'm in Vic, on my 3rd baby and our appointments are 1 hour or less, and at a venue/ clinic, not at home... 2 hours at home seems a bit excessive.

      Did you have concerns about his development prior to your appointment? How many other children do you have? You've said weekends are busy while they're around... and that you are experienced, so you should know basically what a 1 year old can/ should do...

      anyway, you said you're unsure on what they look for... it will be listed in your child's heath and development record book (under the relevant age section) that you were given when you gave birth...

      does the child meet his milestones or not? I'm a little confused.... you say hes doing it... but not often/ not enough? then you say you saw it after the visit..
      If they're doing it, they're doing it, and there's no need for concern. Although a non crawling 12 month old raises alarm bells with me (mum of 3. Early childhood educator with some child development training and knowledge )

      As for other people and their opinions, they probably come from a place of caring. If you're not concerned and health professionals aren't I'd ignore it. But if health professionals are concerned them a second opinion wouldn't hurt, would it? Any outcomes are only to try and help your child.
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        My third commando crawled, taught herself to stand from sitting in the middle of the room and then started walking.
        It doesn’t sound like there’s real problems s from what you’re saying.
        I would keep an eye on him that’s all.


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          I wouldnt worry about the crawling, some kids go from commando to standing up and walking and never crawl properly. I'd be more worried about a 12 month old being so tired they need a nap after 2 hours, that's very unusual. At 12 months they have at most 2 sleeps a day, mid morning and later in the afternoon, but most kids would be transitioning to one sleep around the middle of the day.
          "This too, shall pass."


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            My DD skipped the whole commando crawl stage all together!! From sitting/laying there to properly crawling on her first birthday precisely, and out of nowhere almost!
            Encouragement is all good, but the stressing doesn’t help.

            I was always told to keep in mind that averages are just that... some kids do things early and others much later.


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              Thank you for all helpful experience .
              Yes someobe kentioned he shouldn’t be tired so soon . I think at times he’s woken too early and maybe we haven’t adjusted yet to what should be his current routine


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                How many naps per day is he having?