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what hints/help made the first 6 months easier for you being a new mum pls?

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    Originally posted by trina2706 View Post
    Also, learning to trust my instincts and just go with the flow. I think it's very easy to get overwhelmed by everyone's opinion on what you should and shouldn't be doing, especially when it comes to feeding and sleeping. In the end I just followed my DS' lead and went with it. If that meant having him on my boob for 2.5 hours before rocking him to sleep in the swing at night for the first 3 or 4 months of his life, then so be it. I got warned by some that I was creating 'bad habits' and spent a lot of time stressing over this for nothing. DS is now a happy, healthy toddler who sleeps really well!
    Same. Also it's okay to sleep with your baby. It saved my sanity at night. I could just whip out the boob, have DS feed and go back to sleep. Ignore those who tell you you are spoiling or creating bad habits. Make sure you co-sleep safely of course but it's not that hard and certainly not as dangerous (when done properly) as it is made out to be in the media.

    When friends and family offer to help accept the offer but let them know what they can help you with. Coming over to have you make them tea and sit on the lounge while they "help" by holding the baby is not helpful. Just find a tactful way of asking for things (i.e. food, washing etc)

    Throw away the baby books. First of all your new LO hasn't read them so chances are they aren't going to follow what the books say. Secondly they tend to work on generalizations and so they might have a couple good ideas so why are you giving the authors more money for a couple ideas? Third they prey on new parents insecurities. Chances are your baby is fine and completely normal but the books will tell you they need to conform.


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        Dvd of The Happiest Baby on the Block. I swear by it and give a copy to all my friends expecting their first.


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            If someone offers to help (housework or otherwise) just accept and say thanks.

            Don't be afraid to feed to sleep. It's natural, don't knock natures way.


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                As a pp said Lots of long walks, or a bath..... Sometimes we would bath together just to chill and skip that grumpy time in the afternoon
                Don't put any other unnecessary responsibility on yourself! Just acknowledge that having a newborn is big and take it easy.
                Tired signs! Definatly something to get familiar with.... Also look into over stimulation- something else that can make baby very unhappy.
                Do the exercises the physio suggests and stretch often! Not only has your body been through a lot but you are now adjusting to holding and feeding your lo a lot of the day and it is easy for the muscles to get tight and achey.
                Be prepared to baby wear! Its so much easier when u need to get things done.


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                      Try to adopt a "How much will this be important when baby is 2?" philosophy.

                      It's so easy to get tunnel vision with a newborn, and every tiny thing is crucial, and you can sometimes feel as if that period of time will never end.

                      As a general rule, babies/ children get better at sleeping, they learn to eat solids, and they don't cry all the time once they're older. If you're unable to BF then try not to let it be the overriding thing in yours and baby's life at that time. That baby will grow into a child (on formula or breastmilk), and how they were fed may seem less important to you the older they get.

                      (I say that because I regret letting feelings of guilt/ failure over not being able to BF colour my time with DD in the early days. She's now a happy, healthy 2yr old, and it doesn't matter at all).

                      If you have people you trust, then let them help and let them babysit.

                      Get baby used to the shower from an early age, and they can shower with you in the morning/ evening.


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                        Don't give bubba the goodnight feed (7pmish) while you are watching the tv! This turned out to be the cause of many 'witching' hours in my house...


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                          Throw the books out the window and learn to read your babies signs!

                          Cuddle them as much as you can! They are tiny for 5 seconds!

                          Breastfeeding is hard work and if you can't get it to work for you don't beat yourself up about it! Formula is not the devil despite what some midwives try to make you believe!

                          Sleep when you can, take baby to bed and safely co-sleep if that works for you.

                          If you feel a bit hormonal for a while don't stress as motherhood is a big adjustment however if your concerned don't be afraid to ask for help. It doesn't make you weak or a bad mother!! (this is advice I really wish I had listened to!!!!)

                          Enjoy your little person


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                                Originally posted by Lucy in the Sky View Post
                                Dvd of The Happiest Baby on the Block. I swear by it and give a copy to all my friends expecting their first.
                                YES! It's the best and really helped DH learn how to settle bubs too.

                                Also loved the Wrap Me Up swaddle - DD stopped trying to wriggle out of her old swaddles and started sleeping through the night!

                                Best book is an American one I got off Amazon called 12 Hours Sleep by 12 Weeks old. It worked and doesn't require controlled crying.

                                My mum taught me that in the early days it can often take up to half an hour or more of burping to settle bub. Be patient!

                                And don't try to entertain visitors. They can look after themselves.