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Sleeping arms out for first time?

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  • Sleeping arms out for first time?

    My son is 5 months old but hasn’t showed signs of rolling yet. Never the less we thing it’s time to transition to arms out.

    He has slept through the night without a peep for over a month now (we know how lucky we are). Put him in arms out sleep suit one time and he wakes crying repeatedly (probably freaked out by his arms)

    Any strategies for the transition? (I just stuck him back in arms in sleep suit so I can make a game plan before I go again with arms out)

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    Try one arm at a time. You can get transitional sleeping bags that have buttons on the arms so you can face one out and one in and buttoned up. Or as he’s not rolling yet, leave arms in but unbuttoned so if his arms work their way up and out, it might not wake him as much. It’s usually a rough few nights but they adjust super quickly


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      should i do it for naps first before doing it for night sleeping?


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        Also is he in a cot or bassinet?

        When we moved DD to arms out we had her in the bassinet at first. When she moved her arms she’d hit the sides of the bassinet and wake herself. We moved her to the cot and it was much better.

        I’d do naps and night sleep all at once.


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          DS was arms in until he rolled back to front at 7 months. Around 5.5 months I tried to transition with one arm out and he would not settle. Once he rolled we went cold turkey, both arms out at once and he was fine. He also transitioned to the cot at the same time, so lots of change, but his sleep stayed consistent