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    i had a bit of a traumatic birth and for about a week after it i was fine and then i realised what had happened and ever since i have been so upset about it and i don't think about it but i've let myself a couple of times an dwhen i do i can't stop crying. i haven't talked to any one about what actually happened apart from my partner because i don't really have any one that close.
    i don't know if i have postnatal depression or if the birth just bothers me. i want to make peace with it and be able to accept it so i can move on and have more babies [[because i'm clucky already!! =p]] but i don't know how!
    can yuu help?

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    Dear Evelynn
    Thank you for your message and congratulations on the birth of your beautiful daughter!
    it is hard to know from your post whether it could be postnatal depression or not. The one way to find out is to have a really good debriefing session with a good midwife or someone else who understands birthing very well. After this, if the feelings are still there, maybe its more than feeling down about the birth.
    The birth may not have been what you were hoping for/expecting which may be contributing to your feelings. It is important to find a way of knowing what happened and why and understand your underlying beliefs about birth and your role in it - it may feel as though you were violated, maybe pushed into something without a choice or that you somehow failed or let your baby down? Becoming aware of this underlying thought/s and finding a safe place to put it away in your head is very important.

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    If you have any difficulty findings someone to talk to please email me through my website
    best wishes
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