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Grumpy = depressed???

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  • Grumpy = depressed???

    I seem to be grumpy a lot! I would say that pre kids I was a fairly happy go lucky kind of person who took everything in their stride.

    Since having my son who is my second child i have been very grumpy. I seem to fly off the handle over small things that would have never bothered me before.

    I am not really sure what is going on, it has been 2 1/2 years now and i am still grumpy. I don't want to be grumpy anymore but not sure what to do anout it.

    Does grumpy = depression???

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    Dear mamma bear

    thank you for your message.

    Sometimes grumpy does equal depression but not always. There is a lot in between grumpy and depression - tearfulness, guilt, irritable, insomnia or other sleep disturbance (beyond the kids waking you up!), using alcohol or other drugs/medication, not wanting to go out or see old friends, not talking to your partner as much as you used to (again - beyond being interrupted by children!) and a whole lot more...depression can be any combination of these or something a little different but for most people there is a feeling a bit like a big dark, heavy cloud is hanging over them and they can't quite get rid of it even when they want to.

    There are a few websites and that have good checklists that you can go through to see if your feelings fit with depression but if you suspect that this might be what is going on please do yourself and your family the favour of seeking some form of help - your GP will talk to you about medication or a psychologist will just talk to you....a good psychologist will be able to help you find the underlying cause of your grumpiness fairly quickly and find ways to help you overcome this. Given that you have been feeling like this for a couple of years it may take a few months to shake the feeling/habit of feeling this way and get back to your old self again. Psychologists aren't expensive these days - medicare covers a lot of the cost if you get a referral from your GP, you might even find one who bulk bills and there are teaching clinics attached to good universities that only charge around $15-35.

    On the other hand, maybe you are just really tired and need a good break/sleep??? Sleep deprivation can make the best of us feel a little neurotic! Trust your instincts on this one, if it feels like more than just tiredness then it would be best to pursue it further. 2-3 sessions with a good psych would soon tease this out for you.

    Things to do in the meantime:
    - examine your expectations of yourself, your partner and your kids ; are they realistic? does your partner realise that you have these expectations of him? Maybe he is driving you nuts but you have never actually come out and asked for more help for example?
    - if you aren't good at asking for help - learn! family, friends, professionals etc

    good luck
    best wishes