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tummy tuck and breast lift... cost factor??

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  • tummy tuck and breast lift... cost factor??

    How much am I looking at. I don't want one for a few years, but I know I need to start saving.

    Prices anyone??

    Dr. Recommendation??

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    I know someone who had a tummy tuck for $8,000. That was for that alone, no breast lift included. I have heard that breast lifts (with no implants) are $4,000.
    Do you think you may change your mind? It is a majorly yucky and painful procedure.


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      A breast life is often hard to do without "adding" something.
      I think around the $20,000-$25,000 is realistic.


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        No.. not changing my mind,.

        Maybe on the breast lift, we'll see once I stop breastfeeding and I'll see what everything's doing.

        But I definitely need a tummy tuck. I have very split muscles from my pregnancy with Oliver and Jordan, and about 5kgs of just loose skin that will not ever go back. I'm only 26.... I'm not living with that for the rest of my life.

        I'm not thinking right now... but maybe when I'm 30. (gives me time to save + finish the whole 'mum' thing to babies.. Lysander will be about 3 so not breastfeeding anymore, and I would have had time to get my body as healthy/fit as I can so I can see just how much overhang skin needs removal)


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          Yep I had heard about $8-10k for tummy tuck and my quote for boobs was nearly $4,000 for the lift part of it (also getting implants and reduction so total $14k).

          I say go for it. We all deserve to feel beautiful and if this will make you feel beautiful then why not.

          And it is short term pain for a long term gain!!


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              Hay ive got two girlfriends who have had a breast implant one did it in brisbane for $5000 and the other went to thailand and paid $6000 the first one looks so much better then the thailand one hope this helps

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                I enquired about a breast lift about 10 years ago and it cost between $6k and $10k.


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                  breast lift / implants

                  Hi could you please pretty please lol.. tell me the name of the surgeon who did the implants in brisbane for $5000 that is so cheap .. thank you : )


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                    [MENTION=118091]bubbles89[/MENTION] yes please I would love to know which surgeon too!

                    Age 20, engaged, mummy to 3yo DS and TTC his sibling! Living life backwards


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                      There's different types of TT too. I think you've got a regular one where they cut a section out and sew the top to the bottom. Then there's a fluer de lis (sp?) where they cut along the bottom and also up the middle, like an upside down capital T.

                      The first one can cost as little as $1500 if medically necessary (going by what my friend told me, who had just that done). The other can be $4000+ (that also could be if medically necessary, as my friends was).

                      Don't take this for gospel though! Just trying to remember the info my friend shares with me