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  • Supporting a Quitter

    My friend has decided he wants to quit smoking weed and cut right back on his drinking, I am wondering if anyone has any advice on how I can support him, and how I can quit my negative feelings towards him as far as this goes. I want to be the best support I can but I feel like he will never actually quit, just say he is trying as a way to excuse it.

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    Maybe try helping him find different activities to do to keep his mind occupied.

    I know someone who was trying to quit and started going to boxing lessons at a PCYC once a week and walking/running every other day. He started focusing on diet as well. This was just one thing that helped.

    As for you, just try and stay positive. I understand what you are saying, he's just saying 'quit' for the sake of it but ultimately you never know. I think it helps them if they have positive people around.