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QUIT Smoking Support! Patches/Lozenges/Cold Turkey/Champix ETC

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  • QUIT Smoking Support! Patches/Lozenges/Cold Turkey/Champix ETC

    Seeing as thought there seem to be alot of us who are quitting or have recently quit, I thought (as mentioned in the other thread) it would be a good idea to start a support thread where we can come and chat about how we are feeling and how we are doing with our quit journey

    I have to feed some kiddlets but I will come back and post my quit story after dinner. I have to admit I am pretty chuffed about it!
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    I quit about 8 weeks ago now. Used patches for the first 2 days then went on my own. Im finding now is about the time Im starting to crave again. I think its more of a bordeom thing for me, I miss the social side of smoking, I miss my 5 mins of time out nicking out for a smoke etc. I do however like the saving money side of things


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      Zada, I quit about the same time as you did. I took Champix and they worked really well for me. I get the same feeling every now and then about wanting a smoke at random times.

      How did/do you find being around other smokers?


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        Ok count me in ladies I just took my first champix tablet this morning and have only had 2 smokes so far today.

        How is everyone else going?


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          Yep count me in too, I got a script for champix today..although i've only been 'back' smoking again for the last 3 months, and almost the entire time has been 'giving up mode' (you know where you are just entirely miserable the entire time and either totally withdrawing for a day or 2 and then binge smoking for a day, then going without for another day or two)

          need to get that champix script filled this arvo I'm a bit worried about the nausea and possible side effects though, ick.. but if it makes me hate them while I'm having them.. well, actually anything is worth not smoking at this point.


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            I just said something similar in another thread Zel. I commented that the tablets are giving me a headache but I guess a headache is better than lung cancer hey.

            I felt a tiny bit nauseous for about 1/2hr after I had the tablet and have had a dull headache for about 45minutes now. Nothing that needs panadol or anything it's just 'there' iykwim.

            The girl at my chemist said the side effects are nowhere near as bad as other tablets of this type (Zyban etc)


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              Dp smokes so Im ok around him. Can be near him and not want one.


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                Just wanted to pop in and say what you all are doing is awesome. I have been smoke free for nearly four months and love it. Dp is still a smoker and I hate the smell of it and make him smoke down the back of the yard lol. Good luck to you all.


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                  I found that when I was taking the champix, if I took them with food I felt less nauseas (sp?). If you are taking them, don't beat yourself up about quitting from day 1, give them time to work for you, the dosage gets higher through the first week to help you ease into it.


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                    Originally posted by zada View Post
                    Dp smokes so Im ok around him. Can be near him and not want one.
                    Thats awesome! That was the hardest thing I found in the first few days but it didn't take long to get over it, thank god.


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                      Thanks for the support Sodor

                      ok will try taking the tablet with food tomorrow. The nausea this morning was bad, I actually ran to the toilet at one point. Luckily I wasn't sick and it went away pretty fast but it was still yuk lol.

                      I only had 5 smokes yesterday.. Can already feel the tablets working


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                        hi guys... im on day 5... no smokes

                        ive quit in the past, but only for a month or two and gone back to old habits. im recently seperated and am now finding it a lot easier to quit without the influence of a smoking partner.

                        i started on champix for the 1st two days but am now cold turkey


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                          hi all . just thought i would update u about how my quitting is going with the help of champix. im up to day 15, and im already only smoking between 3 and 6 smokes a day, as oppose to the pack of 50 i was smoking 2 weeks ago!! i dont even feel like a smoke most of the time, and have had no trouble giving my my 'habitual' ones like first thing in the morning and just after i eat. also have had no problems hwne im drinking (thats when i can smoke up to a pack of 50 in a matetr of hours- i had 2 big nights over the weekend and maybe had 5 smokes each night!! Very proud of myself i must admit

                          Champix have definitly made a difference, and i am sooo close to my goal. Will keep u all informed


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                            Krissi that great! Well done

                            I'm on week 3 now and haven't had a smoke in a week today I dont even really think about them anymore

                            I'm staying at my mum's at the moment and all 3 people who live here smoke so I thought it was going to be really hard. It hasn't been though, I'm stoked lol.


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                              Bump to check in on everyone?

                              Hows the champix going Myztik? Still keep on keeping on?

                              What about you LivingOnAPrayer lil miss?

                              I'm still on the bandwagon, been a couple weeks nearly now, (I would write days, minutes, seconds) but I'm trying to do this differently this time, and I still haven't had one, but I'm having a bit more trouble day with the craving.. might have some gum if I get desp.....

                              I've been sitting and the train station giving out flyers and glad I've got my DF's Iphone to surf the net - because those moments of waiting are exactly when I used to smoke 3 ciggies without even realising!!

                              Plus when I walk the dogs in the freezing cold sub human (psml not cold for someone else prolly) temperatures, my lungs don't burn so bad I want to puke
                              I could never jog in the cold early (I'm talking ungodly hour early) air.