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Just feeling down.

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  • Just feeling down.

    Hi everyone.

    I'm nearly eleven weeks pregnant with my second baby and have been having pretty crappy morning sickness for the last three weeks. I've only thrown up once but it's constant nausea that is the worst. I haven't felt like myself since I started feeling sick, I have low iron and low blood pressure so I am constantly tired and generally feeling unwell. My appetite has pretty much disappeared except for a bowl of cereal in the morning. I have even asked to be put back on prozac because I suffer from anxiety and depression. It's been a week since I started taking it again and I can't feel any difference

    I've been on Maxalon and zofran/ondansetron wafers and the Maxalon did nothing except make my mornings slightly better. Because of the cost I am only taking the wafers once a day on the days when I need to work. They help me get through a 3-4 hour shift but I can't stop to eat either which effects it.

    Pretty much this morning sickness has got me feeling really, really down. I have no energy to do anything including work and house work so DH is constantly on my back. Not just no energy (and this is where I started suspecting that I may have serious depression) but I've just stopped caring. Not as in I don't care for my daughter or anything like that but housework? Meh. I'd rather be in bed all day sleeping just to get away from feeling like this.

    Everyone is telling me to just get on with things and how they just dealt with it when they were pregnant. From that response I get the feeling they don't have what I do. At the same time I feel completely horrible for not being able to "just get on with it".

    I have an appointment with a psychologist next month which I'm hoping to discuss things with but right now, today, I just can't deal with things. I just needed to get that all of my chest.

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    Big hugs. Pregnancy is hard work!

    While it's true that you just kinda have to keep going you also have to make sure YOU are ok.

    Is there any particular reason why your dh is on your back about house work? Is he physically not able to help out?

    I hope your nausea settles down for you ASAP.

    All the best for the rest of your pregnancy

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      I had prenatal depression with my first baby. I also suffer 24/7 nausea for about 16 weeks and shocking fatigue for about the first 13w. With DD the depression lifted around the same time as the fatigue and I never sought treatment.

      I had depression again with my next pregnancy which ended in a missed miscarriage. I kid you not I went into surgery for my D&C feeling like there was no joy in life and came out feeling more positive than I had for 2 months. Even mourning my loss and getting over the shock of losing my baby I still felt happier than when pregnant if that seems possible.

      So I spoke to my OB about it and he gave me a 'just in case' script for an antidepressant.

      As it turns out I didn't need it. My next pregnancy ended in miscarriage but the hormones were always too low to cause any symptoms. Then with my son I had the shocking fatigue and nausea just as bad as with DD, but not even a glimmer of depression. I felt positive and while my body wouldn't let me do as much as normal I was motivated and yes, I could essentially just push through it.

      So I agree, if someone is telling you that you should be able to.just get on with it then they have not been through what you're going through. Do take it seriously, it's your body reacting to the hormones, it's a physical thing and it's not necessarily going to be solved by using mind over matter.

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        Hey [MENTION=60871]littlemisscookie[/MENTION] big hugs. I know how you feel. I feel the same.
        I have two lovely children and had some pre natal but definitely post natal depression with those two.
        As soon as my GP found out I was Preggo she advised me to wean off my 40mg lovan daily. I started to wean, and crashed big time within days.
        I totally feel you with the total exhaustion and not being able to keep on top of things. I usually love to cook- not now!! It's 2 minute noodles or toast for my lovely family at the moment. Kids are watching a DVD at bedtime instead of me reading to them... The list goes on.
        A lot of time in bed or horizontal on the couch.

        Please give yourself a break. So your DH doesn't understand- well he will just have to learn to. You are doing your best. That is all you can do. I said to my DH I don't like this but it's the best I've got to give right now.

        Take it easy. Lie down. Chill. Look after yourself and get some help if possible.
        Let us know how you are going.


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          its very easy for someone to say 'Just deal with it" ... quite another to actually go through it at the time.


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            Hugs op! I have struggled with anxiety for most of my pregnancy & have had a lot of really down days where I struggled to pull myself up again, so I can relate to you. Hopefully seeing the psych will help you.

            In the meantime you could try calling PANDA (post & antenatal depression association). They have been awesome to me. Speaking with them has made a positive difference already. When you call the first time you'll speak to an intake officer who will take your details & arrange for a counsellor to call you. The counsellors ive spoken to so far have been lovely! Once you've spoken to a counsellor once, they will ask if soneone can call you in a week - ive had about 3 follow up calls now & its really helpful & reassuring.

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