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Baby carriers for long haul flights

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  • Baby carriers for long haul flights

    Hi there! I'm a brand new mum to a 1month old baby boy. We are about to travel from Australia to the UK, in a couple of weeks and I'm trying to find ways to make the plane trip a bit more manageable. I'm ditching the pram and plan on using a baby wearing carrier (and using the planes bassinet) but I'm find all of them difficult to use on my own. I have a ring sling, a baby bjorn and a konny. Can anyone suggest an "easy to use" option or even offer further advice or tips for travelling with a baby?

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    I’ve done that trip a few times and always found my Ergo to be a lifesaver. Took me a few attempts to get used to putting it on myself but once mastered takes no time at all.

    I’d say a carrier would be quicker to put on than a wrap.


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      Manduca structured carriers are great for newborns as the newborn insert is part of the carrier, compared to some other carriers that require separate inserts. Once you have the straps tightened to your liking, it's so quick and easy to get bub in and out.

      I've been on a walk through a rainforest with over 600 steps down and again back up without needing to readjust bub.


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        I would highly recommend the ergo adapt. It has an adjustable base so you can use it from newborn to toddler with no insert. I spent hundreds on a similar carrier years ago before this was on the market. It's a great carrier, extremely easy to use.

        I always loved the manduca previously because of the insert but the adjustable base is Sooo much easier and comfier IMO.