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  • Brisbane to Wollongong

    Hey lovely mamas... I need your help! Travelling with my two special needs kids as a solo parent from Brisbane to Wollongong in two weeks and I just wanna be prepared. I don’t know the roads as I’ve never travelled them by car before.

    I think I’ve got my kids needs in the car covered but I would love some input from anyone who has travelled that stretch of road with kids.

    Are there patches where there are no services to stop if the kids need the toilet or something? I’m hoping to do this in one straight run with three hour blocks of driving and a half hour play somewhere.

    Anyone’s input will be so appreciated ...thank you!!!

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    We did Canberra to Gold Coast in July and found the coast road was great with rest stops and towns. Some of them are just drop toliets, but there's a lot of facilities up and down the road we found.


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      We travel long distances as a family quite often. I would not attempt over 1100km in one straight run. I would do at least one overnight. Even without stops you are looking at a 13 hour drive. If you stop every 3 hours it will be closer to 16 hours. That is not safe (or fun) fit anyone in the car.

      There are heaps of places to stop on either the coast or inland road.


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        I'm guessing are doing the coast road?

        I just want to echo what others have said about breaking the trip up. I would stop for the night in either Kempsey or Taree - just depends on how far you want to drive the second day. Actually I would do Taree on the way there and Kempsey on the way home.

        I've done Canberrra - Brisbane more times than I care to remember and those are the towns we stopped in when we did the coast road. My exhusband used to like driving without stopping, but it is really difficult with kids, especially if you are by yourself and they are getting tired and cranky.. Much safer to break the trip up.