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  • National Young Parents Roundtable

    Hello folks.

    I am young dad (27) with two boys. My first was born when I was 23.

    I am also a fellow with an organisation called OzProspect (

    Anyway - I write for the papers and lobby government around early childhood and parenting issues.

    A growing amount of my research indicates that the needs of young parents are very different from those of the growing number of older parents (30+). So, I am beginning planning a National Young Parents Roundtable to establish what those issues are and set up an advocacy group to ensure that the needs of young parents are considered. My other motive is to promote parenting as an option to other young people...not saying they should, but that they should consider it an option.

    I'd be interested in anyone who was keen to be invloved in some way to email me.

    I am based in Victoira.

    My email is - a Google search will uncover more about me and my writing.

    Planning has just begun - I am hoping to set up a committee to establish ways to access funding and organise the event. Please pass this around your young parent networks.

    If you email me I can send a two page info sheet that outlines the initial idea.


    Daniel Donahoo