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ABC Making Babies Documentary - can you help?

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  • ABC Making Babies Documentary - can you help?

    We've received the following request from the ABC. Looks like it wlll be an interesting programme...

    Here are a couple of quotes from their webpage

    With so many Australians affected — and no national regulatory oversight — ABC News has decided to take a closer look at how the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) industry operates in a new, ongoing series: Making Babies.
    In our series, we'll also examine the legal, regulatory and ethical frameworks the industry currently operates under to see whether the interests and needs of patients are being adequately protected, and whether there needs to be systemic change.
    If you can help and would like your story told so you can be part of the changes you would like to see, visit the links below. There's a very short initially survey.

    If this is of interest to you, please post a short word or sentence in this thread to keep the thread hot so others see it in their feed. TIA