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Research Study: Evaluating a court course! (call for participants)

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  • Research Study: Evaluating a court course! (call for participants)

    TOPIC: Evaluating a court case.
    PLEASE NOTE: The survey consists of a court case involving sexual assault which may be triggering or distressing to some.

    Approximately 17% of Child Sexual Assault (CSA) disclosures result in a criminal conviction. This is an ALARMING statistic.

    Our 4th year Psychology student research team needs your help to ascertain how juror’s perceptions influence conviction rates in CSA trials (Ethics approval: 2013-168).
    We are seeking Australian citizens aged 18+ to complete the survey. If you meet this criteria, please follow the link:

    The survey only takes about 20 minutes, please read through the plain language statement so you can give informed consent. Please keep in mind the sensitive nature of this topic may be confronting.

    Thank-you! We really appreciate your contribution to this research.