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Waterbirth at Logan, Redlands and Beaudesert Hospitals

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  • Waterbirth at Logan, Redlands and Beaudesert Hospitals

    Hi everyone,

    I'd like to ask for your support to help make Waterbirth an option in Logan, Beaudesert and Redlands Hospitals which are all part of the Metro South HHS region. None of these hospitals have the option of a Waterbirth. If you feel that local women should have access to a Waterbirth if they choose it, please participate in this email campaign. This link leads to a Template Letter that can be edited to suit anyone. You can add or delete any information you want to.
    HOW TO HELP : Simply click the link, download the letter and edit it to include your own details - then email your personalised version of the letter to any or all of the listed recipients . Your support is appreciated. Thankyou !