My name is Sarah Long and I am a HGSA certified genetic counsellor from Perth, Western Australia. I am currently looking for different populations of women to participate in research regarding testing for health conditions in the baby;

Prenatal tests are offered to pregnant women to monitor the baby’s health. They can include screening tests and diagnostic tests. A new technology which has been used in Western Australia since late 2012, is Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT). Initially NIPT just looked for a limited panel of chromosome conditions. However the test panel is expanding to test for a wider range of conditions.
We would like to find out what women understand about current testing methods, what they think and understand about expanded screening using NIPT and what attitudes women hold towards prenatal testing, disability and termination of pregnancy in this setting.
The interview will be approximately one hour long and be recorded for transcribing.
This study is part of my postgraduate studies at Curtin University. The results of this study will be published in peer reviewed journals and will be used to improve policy and services for women in Western Australia.

I am hoping to start with ten women with healthy children, ten healthy women without children, and fifteen women who have children with genetic conditions that have occurred ‘out of the blue’. I wonder whether you would be able to distribute this information across your networks, along with my email address and name.

Thanks in advance for your assistance,