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Toys for the kids on Nauru

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  • Toys for the kids on Nauru

    We would love for you to get involved in Sarah’s new campaign to send toys to children in detention.

    How can you donate a toy?
    We'll work with Save the Children to get your toy to the children on Nauru. All you need to do is post your toy to Sarah's office at:
    7/147 Pirie Street Adelaide SA 5000.
    There is currently no deadline by which donations have to be recieved.
    Please note that;
    • Toys must be new
    • No soft toys (toys must be able to be easily cleaned and sterilised in specialised equipment on the island)
    • Age appropriate - children on the island range from infants to teenagers

    When Sarah visited Nauru recently, she was shocked to see the harsh living conditions facing more than 100 children who have been indefinitely imprisoned there by the Australian Government.
    There is no playground in the detention centre, there aren't any toys and the children have to play in the bright white gravel that blankets the entire camp.
    As part of Toys for Nauru, we will help deliver your gifts to the children who are currently being held on the island

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    Can we donate shoes too?


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      That sounds like a great idea!


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        Wonderful idea! Count me in. I'm thinking that I might just order from an online retailer and list SHY's office as the delivery address....saves time and extra postage.


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          Onedayatatime- at the moment they are just looking for toys.

          SPG- that's what I've been looking at, definitely an easier way to go about it!


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            There don't seem to be any guidelines for appropriate toys on her website, so below are some of the immediate 'don'ts' that spring to mind:

            Nothing that requires batteries
            No religious or politically motivated material, even children's book (e.g. Christmas story)
            Only books with minimal text, (if any at all) are suitable
            Toys should be self explanatory, do not rely on English literacy to read instruction (e.g. No complicated board games)
            Nothing war related (toy soldiers, even vicious looking super heroes), no guns or water pistols
            Nothing which could be a self-harm implement
            This means no skipping ropes, elastics, possibly no yo yos

            When you're looking at a toy, try to think if there is any way it could be perceived as a weapon (e.g. Sharp or pointy metal parts, craft scissors, knitting needles etc) as they probably won't get passed on. If it wouldn't get through airport security in your hand luggage then don't donate it.
            It will be great if everything that gets sent as part of this campaign actually makes it to a child who can enjoy it