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Pregnancy pre and post tummy oil

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  • Pregnancy pre and post tummy oil

    Hi ladies, what tummy oil do you recommend pre and post pregnancy so I won’t get stretch mark? Also, do you know if they are safe to use as there are certain ingredients we need to be careful while pregnant
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    Pregnancy pre and post tummy oil

    Nothing stops stretch marks, but there’s certainly oils that can help.

    I used Bio Oil which is safe in pregnancy and almond oil is another good one.

    You should avoid Clary Sage, peppermint, though Clary sage can be used in labour.
    Just be careful with essential oils (if you do use them) as you need a carrier oil, not the oil directly on the skin.

    I don’t have any stretch marks and even though I know it’s nothing I did to prevent them, I did find my skin more itchy/dry, so the Bio oil certainly helped to relieve that.
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      It's true - oils won't stop stretch marks sadly. Olive and coconut oils are good safe moisturisers.
      I did have a GP tell me that stretch marks are linked to zinc deficiency so perhaps check you have enough in your diet or supplements.
      Also, try to avoid gaining weight quickly - I went through three pregnancies, stretch mark free and didn't put on much weight - my fourth was a big fat boy baby, born nearly 10 pounds. I put on quite a bit of weight, went up two dress sizes... I still didn't have stretch marks on my tum, but I do on my thighs and boobs! Learning to love them & my new bod, as I don't have much choice.


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        As others said, if you are going to get them you probably will. However I used Clarins Body Treatment Oil through both my previous pregnancies and am stretchmark free. I’m currently pregnant with #3 so will see if I’m third time lucky also!


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          I support your choice - Clarins Body Treatment Oil!