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  • My journey starts

    Hi Girlies !

    Well today i have started my first official day of "dieting" !! I currently weigh 64kilos but for confidence and a few other things i really want to get down to 52kg.

    Im going to eat healthy and exercise constantly and hopefully it will pay off.

    Just wondering if any of you have and suggestions ?


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    theres a magazine called slimming and health, it has great recipes, real life weight loss stories, exercise tips, and counciling as well.


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      Remember calories in/ calories out. Drink plenty of water and make sure you aim at a weight that is good for your height.


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        Drink lots of water & ditch any take away or ready meals. Don't have seconds on desserts!


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          Another good tip I was given is eat till you're satisfied, don't stuff yourself.
          Try to exercise in the two hours after eating to use up the calories you've taken in.


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            There is a great range of cookbooks called Symply too good to be true.
            Fab recipies.
            Lost 13kg in 4 months.
            Good luck.


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              Hi Kayte,

              All I can say is that I'm in the same boat... I'm currently 65kgs, and I want to get down to 55kgs for the same reasons! I have just started dieting (for about the 100th time!) and this time I'm serious. These are a couple of things that I'm doing that may give you some ideas...
              1. Setting little goals - Say you want to lose 1kg by a certain time... this makes the overall goal not look too overwhelming!
              2. Making meals ahead - I have started making a couple of healthy dishes that I can put in the freezer for when I can't be bothered cooking. This stops the need to buy take-away!
              3. Start an exercise program - I've started wallking every day for at least 20 minutes and swimming 3 times a week... this is do-able for me. It's important not to design a program that's too challenging at the start.
              4. Swap white with brown - I've started swapping white products such as bread, rice and flour to wholemeal or wholegrain. Apparenlty these give you longer lasting energy which is good especially when you're not eating as much.
              5. Don't fill up your plate - I tend to fill my dinner plate out of habit. As a kid I was always told to finish everything on my plate, I guess that's stuck! Now I just don't put so much on it.
              6. Satisfy your taste buds - Whatever your favourite treat is, don;t deprive yourself of it. Mine is a can of coke and a chocolate bar and I'm letting myself have this once a week, provided I stick to my plan and reach my mini goals... as a sort of reward!

              Anyway good luck... I'd love to know how you go?!?!