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  • Great "Diet" Meals

    Has anyone else noticed that the quality of the frozen "diet" meals has vastly improved over the years?

    I had been on Nushape & Light & Easy in the past & had great success with them both, and my new year's resolution after the birth of my bubba in October was to lose the (fairly significant) weight I stacked on while PG with her. Unfortunately being only on 1 wage now, I couldn't afford to do the prepared meal thing again, so I decided to buy frozen diet meals from the supermarket, which are fairly similar to the ones you get on those programs anyhow.

    I was so impressed! The variety of meals is wonderful & there has not been 1 meal I have tried that I would not buy again. In fact, several of them are downright delicious!!!!

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    yeah there not bad, but they cant beat a fresh meal you make yourself. i lived off them for a while, until i realised how much salt, additives they contain, your better of cooking up a big batch of something you like and freezing it in small portioned containers. if your looking for tasty meal ideas theres a mag out called slimming and health, its got great ideas plus inspirational stories to. sorry to drag that on


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      Can you recommend any good ones specifically? I was just thinking that it would be handy to have some in the freezer for emergencies since dh can't even boil water!
      They might be really handy when I come home from hosp after having this bub.


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        I have bought most of the varieties in the Lean Cuisine, Weight Watchers & Helathy Choice meals.

        A couple of my favourites at the moment are the Lean Cuisine Simply Fish varieties (love the Barramundi with creamy linguine & the Salmon with lemon & dill & vegetable gratin - do that one in the oven & it is beautiful!) Also the Pumpkin & Eggplant pizza (I think was a Healthy Choice one) is fabulous!

        Lean Cuisine also do a Butter Chicken & a Chicken Tandoori that are very nice & a Red Chicken Curry that's not too spicy.

        I too find them very convenient.

        As for making up your own meals to freeze, I have to say that I really enjoy cooking and love to do it whenever I get the chance, but with a new bub unfortunately the rare moments I do get a chance, I don't have a great deal of motivation to be cooking vast quantities of food to tide me over for a few weeks! Also, if you check the nutritional panels on the meals, you can choose wisely with regard to sodium content, if that's something you need to be careful about. In relation to additives, the meals are generally comparable with most processed foods - the price we pay I guess for living in a busy world!!


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          Dh and i got a few of these when i came home from the hospital and it makes things so much easier. We mainly get the healthy choice or the lean cusine ones.

          Its good to have when you don't feel like cooking.

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