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*fluff thread* How you were raised and now

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    I was christened and brought up as Christian (not strict) I made a conscious decision to stop going to church at 16. I am now an atheist. Ironically I now work for a Christian organisation (yes it's a moral dilemma but the hours are convenient [emoji38])


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      My parents were religious. We had to go to church. Then my dad died and my mum started believing in new age stuff. Now she's into aliens and thinks everyone in power is some sort of lizard.

      I'm not stupid. I'd no longer call myself a Catholic, and I don't want to christen my child in the church. But for some reason my alien-worshipping mother is insisting on it. Maybe there are Catholic aliens?


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        I was baptised catholic, attended catholic school, church semi-regularly until I was about 10 or 11 etc but we weren't 'strict' Catholics. We did live at a church for a couple of years when I was late primary school, my grandfather was the care taker of the church and 11 acres it was on. That's when I stopped going to church.

        When my nan got diagnosed with cancer when I was 12/13, I really questioned everything. That's when I lost any faith I had. I still believe in *something* but not a god, Jesus etc. I do believe there is a 'heaven', but not in the traditional sense I guess you could say. I believe we go to a place where we are at peace, and that will look different for everyone. It's what had brought me comfort after my nan passed, believing in some way she was still with me and at peace... not just turned into ashes (or buried) and that's the end of it.

        I don't really know what I identify as.

        Our children are not baptised, although do go to a catholic school. We agreed to let them choose their own faith (if any), when they are old enough to understand, have explored various faiths and beliefs and can be respectful of others who may not share the same beliefs.


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          *fluff thread* How you were raised and now

          Baptised a catholic, communion and confirmation. Mum and dad were not religious as such and did it more to please their parents.

          Only went to church for events.

          Hubby is catholic and a firm believer by has his own faith ideals.

          I have faith but not in a god as such or in any one religion.

          Our children (our daughter and hubby's two older kids) are baptised though.

          ETA: older two have done communion and eldest will do confirmation next year. We do Xmas eve mass but that's about it.


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            I was raised in what I suppose is called a Pentecostal church, think Hillsong? Well that’s the direction my childhood church took anyway.
            I have always kept my faith. This last year I really started questioning things but I just come back to God and Jesus are who I want to believe in. I raise my kids the same but we don’t attend a church. I find most churches now don’t really keep to what the bible actually says, they seem more like exclusive clubs or something.
            Questioning things has been eye opening for me because so many things I just accepted as I was told that turns out aren’t really in the bible.
            I’m in the process of trying to ditch Xmas (pretty much a catholic holiday?) but once you start things with kids it’s hard to stop them. I have never had any thing to do with rhe Santa thing but obviously all the songs, decos, food and of course presents are hard to ignore.

            Too many things have happened in my life for me to ever deny there is a higher power at least. I’m choosing to stay with the one I was raised believing in


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              Originally posted by Lil M View Post
              I am now an atheist. Ironically I now work for a Christian organisation (yes it's a moral dilemma but the hours are convenient [emoji38])


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                We were baptised Catholic, and I believe for a small time when we were young my dad used to take us to church (mum opted to stay home and sleep!), but he probably figured carting 4 children under 5 to church was too much and he soon bailed on that idea. I don't have any memories of him attending without us either.

                Me and one of my brothers went to a catholic primary school for one year. Then returned to our older Montessori primary. They were very different, lol.

                We also lived in London for 18 months during primary school with our grandma (who was a practicing Baptist), we often went along to church with her.

                We all attended Anglican high schools but that was nothing about the religion. It was because they were private and had great reputations.

                My mum was always more 'spiritual' than religious. My older brother and I went along with her to meditation courses many times from when we were in year 1 or so?

                I have been exposed to a lot of religious education, but never really believed any of it myself. I guess I consider myself agnostic.


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                  My parents were both bought up "in the church". My mum Church of England and my dad Dutch Reform (in Sth Africa). Both my parents were abused in thd church by church officials (sexually/physically) at various points of their childhood. My mum left the church and refused to return at 16, not understanding why the abuse of the girls was never addressed by the church or the parents, despite its commin knowledge. My dad left his country and church at age 20. Both never attended church again and my mum at least is an Atheist. Us kids were bought up without religion, always told we could choose what we wanted when we were old enough. We are all atheists now as adults.


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                    So many interesting replies!

                    I wonder what place religion will have in future generations. Very few people my age are religious, even though most of us would have been christened/baptised and I only know 1 that is practicing.


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                      That’s an interesting point so I googled it and found this.
                      I wonder if things will really go this way??


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                        My mum is Anglican, my dad is Catholic. I was christened a Catholic, did my communion and attended youth group with my friends but we weren't a very religious family, church was just for Christmas. Once I reached my late teens and started thinking about it all I decided i dodnt believe any of it and started identifying as an athiest. Husbands beliefs are the same as mine. We baptised our kids more so because with the first our parents freaked out about the idea of them not being baptised so we decided to do it to keep them happy, second child was baptised cause we had already done it with the first. We do however celebrate Christmas and Easter, we see them simply as holidays to give gifts, eat and be with family...


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                          I was born and raised catholic,and I still go to mass most every weekend. I married a non-catholic, so I had to pledge I would raise the children catholic. My children have attended Catholic schools and they have been baptised and confirmed. I am comfortable with my Catholic faith. I have done things outside of the teachings, like contraception. I have never moved away from my faith, but i have found budhism also suits me. I pray and I always put my troubles with my Lord. I tend to keep my beliefs to myself, but I am glad to share if asked. Marie.