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Christening for non religious family?

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  • Christening for non religious family?

    Hope this doesn't seem a strange, but my DH asked me if we were going to get DS Christened. Neither of us practice a religion. I went to Catholic school but that is as far as it went.

    Can someone please explain to me if they think it would be beneficial to have my DS chistened and why , as I really don't know and it has got me thinking. DS will be attending a Christian based childcare centre and probably down the track school. I picked this because they seem to be more caring and also have a strong commitment to children and care and is the best childcare centre where we live. Both DH and myself don't have any real religious beliefs but that doesn't mean I am not open minded about the matter.

    Any thoughts and advice on this topic would be appreciated. Sorry for my niaivity in the matter.

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    I honestsly believe that private schools cost more, there for you get what you pay for.. Thats just my opinion. My Dh and I are both not religous he was baptised morman, and i am anglican, but we when we called around to get our DS christen, they told us we would have to attend mass's for 4 weeks, this is agaisnt what we stand for, why do something we dont believe in, and pretend, we have agreed to have a naming day, were we will bless our son, ourselves with the love and guidness of our friends and family, But each to their own, as you said u are open to suggestions, where as on the other hand, i wasnt.

    Good luck!


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      It might be important going to a religious based school in the future depending on the school (plenty of them don't mind if the child isn't christened).

      If you and your DH feel the need to do something like a Christening, you can have a Naming Day. We aren't religious at all and we had a naming day as a kind of special, formal way of introducing DD into the family. We had "god parents" or "life mentors" or what ever you want to call it. It was kind of like a committment to DD for the special people in our lives to have a special part in DD's life. And a way of recognising our special people by telling them that we felt they were special enough to us, to play a significant part in DD's life.

      I think I have just used the word special way too many times!


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        I held a Naming Day ceremony as well. It was beautiful because it was all designed by us to be a reflection of what our own hopes and wishes were.


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          Although I was christened, communion-ed, reconcilliation-ed and confirmed as a Catholic I am not religious at all now, and neither is my husband. We had no question about whether to get our son Christened - our view is that he should be the one to decide which (if any) religion to follow when he's old enough.

          We personally don't believe that he has the 'sin of man on his soul' and doesn't need cleansing for it

          I don't want to mess with stuff I don't know about. It might not hurt to just get it done, but who knows?



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            I personally don't like the idea of getting a child Christened/Baptised so you can then have a selection of schools to attend.

            You're either going to follow the faith in which your child has been Baptised/Christened into or don't get your child Christened/Baptised...
            using a Sacrament as a way of getting into a school is cheeky.


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              I agree with mamaduke.
              There is no point christening a child for any other reason than promising you will raise them in accordance to the Christian faith. That is what the sacrament of baptism is basically about (oh and the cleansing of original sin but that is another argument ) If you are not going to attend church with them, or actively raise them Catholic it is hypocritical to baptise them.

              Many of my friends have baptised their kids as an "insurance policy" and it really rankles's like they are having a bet both ways. "I better get them baptised in case the Catholics are right, but I have no intention of taking them to church" kind of thing

              I was baptised, raised and educated Catholic and I have no intention of baptising my kids. I don't practice the religion now, so why promise to raise my kids in it? I don't get it.
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                Thanks I have a clearer understanding now.

                I think you are right I should not have him christened if we are not practicing. But at the same time he will be going to a christian based childcare and possibly go onto the school there as they have education from 6 weeks to year 12! if I can afford it . Perhaps it will be good for us to learn the values and beliefs along the way and DS can make his own mind up on what he would like to do.


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                  We got DS soon baptised, yet neither of are particularly religious. I guess the deciding factor was we already know what school we want him to go to, and you have to be christened to go there.

                  My reasoning for it as well, was i lost my first son at 15 weeks, and for some reason, i just felt like it was the right thing to get DS baptised. I cant really explain it.

                  Good luck with whatever you decide!


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                    Originally posted by Debster
                    .... Perhaps it will be good for us to learn the values and beliefs along the way and DS can make his own mind up on what he would like to do.
                    This is a really good idea.
                    I think a Naming Day Ceremony would be perfect for you. You will be able to say that you agree with all that is said and done instead of be a little confused or enter into something not having much of an idea what it is about or not supporting it 100%.
                    Nan. xx


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                      We will not be christening any of our children (unless they ask to be). I have no interest in sending our kids to a Catholic school. IMO, the public schools in this area are great (even better than some of the Catholic schools from the stories I've heard), neither DBF or I are christened or religious in any way and I would feel like a total hypocrite. My children will learn about religion in school, at scripture, and I will let my kids decide what religion they want to be. DBF and I are both atheists. We aren't even having a naming day.

                      I went to public schools and have great faith in the public system (providing good old Johnny boy doesn't screw it up too much...but then we'd look at private schools, not catholic and I hate the private school here.)


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                        Originally posted by mumtoone
                        providing good old Johnny boy doesn't screw it up too much
                        Education is primarily regulated by the individual state governments, not the federal government.
                        Every state in Australia has the Labour Party in power, and therefore responsible for State the moment anyway!


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                          Well shows how much I know about politics!! lol Maybe I should start reading what they send me instead of tossing it straight in the bin!


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                  've got to read it all...and know your local member (both State and Federal)!!!


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                              good luck making that choice my opinion is wait until your kids understand or have their own choice in the matter because their belief might turn out different later in life, however you should try your best in bringing them up with christian values such as respect /love / compassion and honour with these small little deeds your kids can choose for themselfs .
                              good luck
                              you have nothing to lose but a lot to gain from your choice
                              God bless you