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  • Consent app

    I saw this on a few days ago, I am curious as to what everyone thinks about it?

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    interesting concept but I see a few holes in it:

    - as quoted in the article: “Consent can be withdrawn at any time, which would render any prior consent given, however documented, meaningless,”

    - what’s stopping someone from sending me a request to consent, then picking my phone up and giving consent (assuming I don’t have a passcode on it), then s3xually assaulting me? The app looks like I gave consent

    - I could give my husband infinite consent but 10 years down the track things aren’t going so well and I’ve forgotten about goving consent through the app and he s3xually assaults me; then what?


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      Yeah it is interesting, I suppose on your second point the app author would assume most people have their phones locked without sharing passcodes and passwords.

      Personally I don't like the concept, it has too many what ifs. It also seems to be more aimed at people that have one nighters when drunk and maybe it's a good idea for that.