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2021 Federal Budget

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    Originally posted by JR03 View Post
    It frustrates me that the parents using childcare always end up in the same financial position after a subsidy increase due to your point above. The Govt need to put a realistic cap on the daily rate that centres can charge, even if it’s location specific as I understand that costs are typically higher in cities compared to regional locations.
    I just found out that our centre charges nearly $30 a day more than the two most sought after centres in our area [emoji15] they don't offer more either, so I don't know why.
    Originally posted by babyno1onboard View Post
    I can’t see how there will be any meaningful change to the child care system unless it is de-privatised and run similar to the school system. It’s in desperate need of a total overhaul. Like throw out the current model and start again.
    Not for profit, or something like the public school system is the way to go.


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      Aparently the pre-budget announcement about funding for breast screening was complete BS. The funding for 70-74 year olds has been in place since 2013, but now it won't be reviewed every 4 years, it's permanent. And 40-50s are eligible, as they have been for 28 years, but not funded nor promoted.

      Apparently the media 'misinterpreted' the announcement! Fuming, but hoping at minimum the announcement will make a lot of women in their 40s realise they should go get a mamogram.