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**t w** - Brisbane Citipointe contract...

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  • **t w** - Brisbane Citipointe contract...


    Basically, the very strong belief Christian school has sent out an enrolment contract to families.

    In short it's discriminatory towards anyone who doesnt identify or fall in line with their beliefs of, "you're born with a biological gender, that's what you shall be recognised as, and your relationships should only be of those of the opposite biological gender, once wed" (summary)

    My apologies, I don't know the full LGBTQ etc** term properly, but it's a direct hit out at the entire community. is only just being picked up by the media now...

    I am astonished that this kind of degradation and hateful bigotry is still rife in this country.

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    It wasn't many years back the LGBTQ community used to say that they were just 'born that way' and their gender identity/sex/ was 'set in stone' and they just 'are what they are, accept us as we are!' Now the narrative's the opposite. You can apparently be anything you want just by declaring yourself so... So which is it? Seems more like a political situation now rather than anything based in science.


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      I haven't seen anyone come out and say that?

      I'll be honest, I'm straight. But I have family members who are part of the community, and my general belief (not specific to gender or sexual preference, covering politics, religion,spiritual,cultural.. anything really...) is to just be respectful of who you are talking to. I won't shove my beliefs down anyone else's throat, and I expect the same level of respect back. I will happily discuss things, but there's no place for nastiness or brainwashing... so my "mantra" is: you do your thing, ill do mine" so, if they're appy and don't try to impose their beliefs on me:👍👍👍👍

      What i have seen, is, i guess, a progressive open-ness coming from the community? Probably not the right words, but basically like a flower blooming, you start with a bud, and it slowly opens and you see more of what's inside. That's what I think we are seeing with the LGBTIQA+ Community: as society becomes more accepting, they open up more, we see more.

      I don't believe they're changing the status quo deliberately in a malicious way, but rather they're exposing society to *their* community more as it becomes less taboo, and they feel confident that they're not going to be degraded or the object of bigotry and hate such as what was in the proposed contract.

      They are right. They were born that way. They can't help how they feel inside about others or themselves, any more than you or I can help the colour of our skin, our facial structure, or our height.


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        Absolutely disgusting move on the schools behalf. These are children they are supposed to protect and nurture, yet these actions can cause life long harm.