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Easy eco-friendly ideas

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  • Easy eco-friendly ideas

    Hi everyone

    AFter some interesting discussion in the global warming thread i thought it might be a good idea to start a thread where people can share their ideas for living in a way that is more friendly to the environment. I think it would be good to focus on ideas which have minimal or no cost involved so that everyone can be included.
    Please share what you do that works!

    I'll start with some of my suggestions from the other thread:

    * The 'freecycle' network. You can get stuff for free in your local area!! Check out It's based on the idea of sharing - so please make sure you post your stuff that you want to get rid of - someone will come and pick it up from you - no cost disposal!

    * Shop at op-shops and garage sales

    * Save old cotton clothes to cut up and use as rags.

    * Eat less meat - meat is not only expensive, but it's production is very damaging to the environment. I am happy to share some easy and tasty vegetarian recipes.

    * Buy kangaroo meat! Our beautiful country is ideally suited to kangaroos - thats why they live here! They don't use up our water supplies or produce vast quantities of methane, and no chemicals are required to 'help' them or their food grow!

    * Good quality curtains (you may be able to get a nice thick lining from a garage sale or op shop) make a huge difference to house temperature during summer - and even cheap bamboo blinds on the outside of windows will reduce the heat that gets in so that you don't have to spend as much on cooling your house in summer(try freecycle for these too!).

    * Open all your windows to air out your house when it starts to cool down outside in the evenings.

    * A damp towel on the legs or stomach is heaven on a hot day/night with a fan on.

    * Deciduous trees outside your windows (particularly west-facing ones) are great cos they give shade in summer and allow sun through in winter, but they do need water for the first 2 seasons until they are established.

    Looking forward to hearing more ideas!
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    use cloth nappies and not fill up land fills


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      Love your ideas. And would love for you to start a vegetarian thread with yummy food ideas.


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        Use a Sabco Valcume...

        It would only save a bit of electricity but i guess every little bit helps!!!

        Its like a brrom but its a valcume.. no batteries or anything..

        Sounds old fasioned but trust me its Great!!!


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          Use natural cleaning products, like vinegar and bicarb... eucalptus oil for floors.
          Buy stuff to last rather than keeping up with trends. Also shop for quality, it will last better usually.
          Check petrol efficiency when buying your next car.
          Shop once a week which saves petrol. Car pool.
          Buy locally grown produce (saves petrol and benefits local ecomomy).
          Live near you work, try and do most things locally hence avoiding transport costs and becoming part of a community.
          Use roller shutters to block out the sun in the summer and keep the house warm in winter. Insulate the ceiling and reduce gaps around the doors etc. with foam tape.
          Fit double glazing if availiable.
          Compost your kitchen scraps to reduce landfill and make free compost.

          BTW Freecycle is great but watch out for billions of emails!


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            * Remember to take your green bags to the supermarket
            * Pass your toys and clothes onto a friend/ op shop when you're finished with them
            * Use phosphate free washing liquid, so you can recycle the water on your garden
            * Avoid buying overly packaged foods

            ... and don't forget to use your recycle bin


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              Turn the lights off in the rooms you arent in.
              Walk to where you are going!


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                Recycle paper and junk mail by using them for kids craft activities - or for the baby to eat

                Get a worm farm - great fertiliser for gardens

                Recycle water created by aircons on your garden - I know aircons aren't that eco friendly but makes life easier having cool bubs (also close wooden window blinds to keep heat out)

                Utilise your local council and get free native trees with presentation of your rates notice


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                  Flush poo from nappies down the toilet? Dunno if that counts...


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                    Try making your meals from scratch. (not using the jars etc).
                    Cut your shower times down.
                    Turn off the tap while you're brushing your teeth.


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                      Great ideas ladies! So many good ones! I'll get onto typing out my vegie recipes in the next couple of days.

                      Originally posted by miss_alitz View Post
                      Flush poo from nappies down the toilet? Dunno if that counts...
                      Yep that certainly does count - its actually illegal to put human faeces into your rubbish bin because of the risk of disease transmission - as well as the fact that it then goes into the soil and groundwater at landfill.


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                        Share a shower! Eco friendly and fun!

               - check it out.


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                          Looking forward to those vege recipes Mel

                          I use safe toilet paper and handtowel (can't bring myself to get the tissues though, ouch!

                          I have a seperate bin inside for recycling.

                          I have a container near the sink for rinsing off DD's bottles instead of rinsing them under the tap.

                          I use cloth nappies and cloth wipes for bub.


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                            Start a compost heap using fruit and vegie scraps and then when mulched use to make vegie patch.
                            There's nothing better than homegrown organic vegies and the kids love helping in the garden.


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                              buy organic

                              save bath water, rinse water and any other water you can collect to pour on the garden

                              turn off shower when soaping up/shampooing

                              let baby run around naked - no nappies and no dirty clothes

                              and what everyone else has said