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    why should the chicks carry the load?

    I have been thinking about things like the massive amount of fuel and emissions involved in the motor car racing industry and comparing that to the things I am doing at home... so I would say avoiding events that involve vehicles moving at high speed, especially when moving with only one or two people in them (for example I might consider a VFT to be a good idea if more people can afford to use it as an alternative to air plane travel) .... fireworks... yes I love them too but they must have some large environmental outputs, if i go to events, walk, or take public transport, avoid things like monster car and motor bike racing .... being a mother with two boys I am very aware of the impact their future hobbies and interests may have on the air we breath and the use of fossil fuels... hmmm... there you go... is this an issue for anyone else??



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      I have often wondered about car racing. I have never liked it anyway but the fuel, tyres and huge waste when they crash seems alot esp for one weekend.
      I have friends who have spent so much time in planes and now with the stupidly cheap tix everyone flys and way more that people ever used to.
      I wonder about the world we will leave our children and it scares the cr@p outa me esp at xmas and I see all the used and abused things people throw out to make room for the new cr@p they want to start hording till next xmas.:tree:


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        Me too! Eco-friendly is sooo GREAT!!! It can beat the environmental waste or landfill.

        I use the face wash towels for wipe anything like kitchen bench, table, bath/toilet etc. There is ALOT of face wash towels in my full stack I decide to use them in the eco-friendly.

        I never buy the sponge or cloth from the supermarkets that cost me buy more and more to replace after the damages. But they are the disposables from the supermarkets.

        I am so happy to use the wash towels (doesn't matter the sizes) for any household cleaning that I can re-use it again after washing and drying out. I am happy to reduce the cost down from buying.


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          Originally posted by shanz View Post
          Is is grey water safe?, not that i use grey water yet, but it is on my to do list
          Originally posted by JimJamsMum View Post
          I assume it's greywater safe. I collect my laundry water (not from the nappies!) and put it on my vegie garden. I've been doing it for years and we're all still alive

          Here's how you make your own laundry detergent:

          What you need:
          - a big (at least 10L) bucket with a lid
          - a bar of soap (I use sunlight)
          - 1 cup washing soda
          - 1/2 cup borax
          - water

          Grate the bar of soap into a saucepan and add enough water to cover it. Put it on the stove and heat it, stirring, until the soap has dissolved.

          Once the soap has dissolved, pour the solution into the bucket and add the washing soda, borax and 5L water. Stir well until everything has dissolved. Add enough water to make up approx 10L and stir again. Use about 1 cup of solution per wash. Although I have a front loader and use a bit less than this. Everything comes out nice and clean although greasy stains tend to need some pre-treatment. It is soooo much cheaper than store bought detergent.
          Borax is NOT grey water safe