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    Do you have to use warm water when using this detergent or does it work well in cold water??


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      Originally posted by fluffball View Post
      Do you have to use warm water when using this detergent or does it work well in cold water??
      I always use cold.


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        Originally posted by OnceAMereHumanNowAMum View Post
        I always use cold.
        Groovy - will defo be trying that


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          Originally posted by kiah View Post
          Love your ideas. And would love for you to start a vegetarian thread with yummy food ideas
          This is an idea that my husband and I are using - its not quite vegetarian - but definitely environmentally friendly...

          Eat Kangaroo meat!!

          Kangaroo's are designed for the Australian landscape. They dont damage the Aussie environment like herds of cattle or sheep do; thus improving and saving our home environment!

          Kangaroo meat is also high in iron, protein, its a very lean meat and has very little (if any) fat at all!

          Bonuses all round


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            Thanks PL for directing me to this thread.

            I am going to have a read this thread as not to double up.

            I try to limit my spending and avoid clutter which is my big goal atm.


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              Here is a website where you can make your own non-toxic household cleaning products



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                Buy once, buy well.

                If it's something that SHOULD last a long time, save up and buy a good quality one. We bought a dining table recently that I want to last for at least twenty years. Not like the one we had which lasted about five.

                Learn to fix things, get them repaired.

                Don't buy what you don't need.

                Try and find a second use for everything. Cereal boxes and toilet rolls can become fantastic cars with a bit of imagination.

                If you buy seedlings from a nursery, save the punnets to grow your own seedlings in.

                Do everything in one trip instead of making multiple trips.


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                  more ideas....

                  *Take your lunch - save money & know what u r eating
                  *Take your lunch in a reusable container - don't throw away the wrap!
                  *keep paper bags from shops and reuse, recycle or compost
                  *If a regular coffee buyer, take your own cup (I do)
                  *If you buy lunch to take back to office, take your own plate or container (I do)
                  *Don't use take away knives & forks
                  *Fill water bottles at home and take them with you
                  *Throw dirty clothes into the bath (after removing kids), soak and put in washing machine wet - you use less water and less detergant
                  *Does it need to be washed? I only put my kids in clean clothes to go out - never to play in the back yard.
                  *Wear Gumboots and yard shoes - keep "Good" shoes for going out and school
                  *Use ONLY the amount of detergeant specified by the makers and then reduce by a quarter - we all use too mush soap powder - and then disolve in warm water and add direct to wash.
                  *DONT use softner - not necessary bad for the environment and NOT good for clothes and REALLY BAD for the machine.
                  *Bath the dog after bathing the kids
                  *Use hankys (wash well and hang in Sun)
                  *Use the Solar Powered Clothes dryer (Sun) or clothes horses. Only use dryer when absolutely necessary, don't overload but don't dry one item.
                  *Plan a weekly menu to reduce waste & improve nutrition.

                  remeber the new 3 R's


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                    not sure if this has been mentioned, but if you don't have time for cloth nappies, try Safeties Nature disposable nappies. they're new, designed by an Australian and 100% biodegradable.
                    they're a bit more expensive but DP and i feel that it's worth it. they're not available in very many places yet but you can order them from internet shops.


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                      New website

                      Check out for a stack of simple ideas to help the planet.

                      Here are just are handful of ideas...

                      SAVE POWER

                      REDUCE WASTE

                      Compost - great for the home and garden...

                      SAVE WATER

                      You can find over 700 ideas for saving money, time and help the planet. Have fun looking!


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                        I put a bucket in my kitchen sink and use it to rinse off dirt from potatoes and I also put in water I've used for cooking when I boil pasta or steam vegies. I also put in the coffee grounds from our coffee plunger.

                        I put all this into my garden and it's never looked better.

                        I shudder to think how much wonderful topsoil and nutrients are put down our sinks every day.

                        I don't use the greywater from my washing up in my garden as I've heard it's not suitable because of all the fats.


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                          composting worm farm

                          I put this on another thread, but have since realised that THIS is the 'ideas' thread so sorry to repeat myself if you've already read it but for those that haven't.....
                          A simple yet fantastic idea for a small home compost/worm farm is to get a polystyrene box (i know i know, polystyrene!, but it IS recycling at least). You can get large ones used for transporting veges in from vege markets and the sort, sometimes they're free, sometimes 1 or 2 $$.
                          Poke some holes in the bottom and place it on the ground somewhere nice and shady on the dirt to allow worms to get to it, making sure one side is slightly higher than the other to allow worm wee to drain.
                          Put a layer of dirt/soil, say an inch or 2 and then start adding your vege scraps. Dont add meat or manure of a meat eating animal (worms dont like it). Avoid onion and citrus too.
                          Manure is good every now and then. Add a thin layer of soil each time you put a layer or scraps/manure on.
                          Keep the lid on, water every now and then or even better, pee on it once in a while (hubbys job), alternativly you can pour a little beer on top and the worms will love it. Turn once a week with a hand trowel. Eventually you will get beautiful organic chemical free compost to put into your garen. Nothing on the shelf can beat it!!
                          If you fill it too fast just get another box placing it on top and repeating the procedure.


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                            Reduce, reuse, recycle - your tips and ideas

                            I've been challenged over the past few months to buy less, consume less, waste less, throw out less. I try to think 'reduce, reuse, recycle' and thought we could all share ways we have done that and ideas for others...

                            Here are some of my recent ones:
                            • We occasionally have coffee and raisin toast at Gloria Jeans, and I've noticed that the plates and cutlery they have are really good quality, so they go in the bottom of the pram and come home to my picnic gear.
                            • Mum had a towel rail that fell apart, but the rails make great garden stakes, and the stand itself ( it had a concertina fold at each end) will be a great trellis for beans.
                            • My toilet brush broke the other day, and instead of chucking the stainless steel container the brush sat in into the recycling bin and cleaned it up and kept it - don't know what for yet, but I'm sure i'll find a use.
                            • As I have replaced my commercial cleaners with vinegar and bicarb I have used the spray bottles, cleaned them up and put vinegar in them instead of buying new ones.


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                              Also vinegar is a great weed killer.

                              Have you tried soapnuts?? They are a natural alternative to laundry detergent so you can cut down on waste there too (although postage is still a bit OTT).

                              I'd be interested to see some other people's ideas too. This is one area that we try to improve on but usually give in to convenience.


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                                Becareful that you don't clutter your house up waiting to find a use for something (my problem)

                                Here's a few ideas to start with;

                                I take a cup to the coffee shop with me (when I'm at work)
                                If I need to buy lunch when at work, I take a plate
                                When I take lunch and food to work/school it's in a re-usable container
                                I use vinegar as a rinse aid instead of conditioner in the washing machine